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I know who the killer is and why everything that happens is happening.

  1. If you find the head of Faith in episode one, you can say that is was a warning, but was the warning actually for you? We know Faith had to pay The Crooked Man back, and because Crane came often to the Pudding and Pie, he should have known her. The warning was obviously for Crane, so he knows that this is what happens to the one's that don't pay back the Crooked man.

  2. The head was placed there by Tiny Tim, you can see him driving the cab of the Crooked man and he is first in line in episode 1, Tiny Tim probably placed the head there and the next day he came to hte office for "business" but actually he was there to see if they got his "message"

  3. Bluebeard obviously knows what is going on with Crane, if you go to the Tweelde's brothers office first, he burns all the stuff of Crane, you know why? So Crane couldn't sell his own stuff to get money and pay back the Crooked man, if Crane couldn't sell his things so wouldn't have money, he would be killed or being held somewhere, and while Snow and Bigby would be too busy with the case, he could take over Fabletown.

  4. The Killer is probably Bloody Mary, in episode 1 Bigby tells you that something sharp or with magic attached to it killed Faith, Woody's axe is blessed.. and guess who has it now, Mary.

So what do you guys think about what i said above, and what is happing.

BTW: that red haired guy that everyone calls the boy who yelled wolf or something like that, he was probably going to play a BIG part, but because we figured out, his part is shortened, thus they didn't need the voice actor so much.. sooo, i feel bad you guys, we took someone their job because we figured that out. XDD

  • Come on guys, i need your reactions!!!!!

  • My reaction: "Holy Shit! You're a genius!" Seriously though, I never would have thought this. Great Work!

  • I thought the same about the Crooked Man being the one behind the murders and Bloody Mary doing the killings for him. Either way, your theory is cool.

    • Yeah, that's as far as I got. I didn't get all the details, though.

      • I think it's possible that the Crooked Man is the mastermind behind the murders considering some of the characters are connected to him like Crane, Faith, Lily, Nerissa, Georgie, Beauty, Tweedles, Jack (He is working at the Crooked Man's pawn shop) and Bloody Mary of course. Plus, it looks in episode 4, Bigby will fight Bloody Mary, the Crooked Man and his gang of thugs.

  • I hope episode 4 will not take 4 moths because of this :(
    I think the red haired guy was planned to be the murderer and then someone figured it out and they had to rewrite most of the story so it took 3 months extra then it should had took.

    • I doubt that. There's no way they would have chose him to be the murderer for a 5 episode series. Also rewriting the last 4 episodes would not at all take 3 months.

  • Yeah, i know, the only thing i don't really agree with is the thing with Tiny Tim... I mean, you must've been right, but now not so much. Remember those leaked models for episode 2? People say the episode was delayed because of them and because someone realized who the killer is, so they changed it. I dunno. I mean, i like your theory, good job :3

  • Ichabod, this is not love.

  • Knowing Telltale , you shouldn't struggle too much on guessing what this mystery is. There might (probably will) be a huge plot twist in Episode 5.

    Obviously The Crooked Man is greatly involved in it. And so far , Bloody Marry might've been the one who killed both Faith and Lilly ... but this is not about crimes anymore. The whole mystery is not about a murderer , business wars or power , episode 3 made it clear (for me at least). The whole plot is focused on one , and only one thing : The Ribbons , and the spell that keeps their "Lips Sealed".
    Ever since episode 1 we came across those ribbons and their magic , and every single girl told us the same thing "This lips are sealed" : In episode 1 (Faith) , in episode 2 (that girl at the strip club) , in episode 3 (Crane trying to use that ancient ring). It all comes down to those Magic Ribbons , their the "central element" of the game.

    Tl;dr : It's not about " a Killer " or " a Conflict " , the whole game & plot is centered on The Magic Ribbons , and it won't end until we solve their mystery first.

    • I believe that the ribbons, Georgie and the Puddin' and Pie are just ways for powerful people to get more money and become more powerful in general. Right now, everything points towards the Crooked Man being the most powerful. But obviously he wants more power and his motive is greed and to have complete control over Fabletown (and probably the mundy world too after that, now that I think about it).

      I think the ribbons and the debts the prostitutes are in are just ways of securing the cash cow for the Crooked Man.

    • I also wonder about the ribbons. Why has no one tried to untie one?

      Then there is the matter of 'official fabletown' getting involved. What is to stop Snow from going to the 13th floor and asking the Witches/Wizards for help in breaking the spell on the girls. What would they spill if they were not forced into silence?

      This could be ultimately a strike against the Crooked Man. Like you pointed out, both dead girls are from the Pudding and Pie. They are cash cows for Georgie and the Crooked Man; thanks to the price of spells and fees, nevermind interest payments. But the 'investor' the Crooked Man would have the most to lose by the business model failing - the manager doesn't have as much skin in the game.

      And it would not matter how dire the problem is eventually; if it became known that you would die if you went to see Georgie for help...his applications for employment/help would dry up pretty quickly. No new girls, and existing girls would shut down the club pretty quickly.

  • I don't quite agree with your conclusions, so here are some questions that are raised by what you said.

    If the initial message (Faith's head) was for Crane, why leave it on the step for anyone to find? That is, why get everyone to force Bigby and Snow to get involved if the intent was to just scare Crane into submission? Also, Faith was essentially working for the Crooked Man, so why kill an employee and lose income? Why do it twice (with Lily)?

    We don't actually know for sure if the Crooked Man's driver is Tiny Tim, so I can't speak to his motives.

    As for Blue Beard, he burns a photo (likely the one you can look at if you go to Crane's apartment first, which shows Crane in a very proud moment), a clock and a book. I don't think these things were going to be sold by Crane to pay back the Crooked Man (he already has items from Crane as listed in the Tweedles files), but rather these were personal items Blue Beard destroyed to punish or torture Crane and drive a confession out of him.

    The killer is unlikely to be Bloody Mary because she's the Crooked Man's hitwoman and as I mentioned, there's no profitable reason to kill the people who are indebted to you, and I doubt either Faith or Lily sat in front of a mirror and summoned her unwittingly.

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    Ellias BANNED

    omg really ok so when I say the crooked man was responsible for faith's beheading, i get downrates. but this? such anger

  • I think "the Butcher" is the killer. His name is fitting.

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