The Story's Status Update

SPOILER ALERT! Please do not read if you have not played Episode 3.

This discussion is recommended for those who are having a hard time after playing the recent episode, and for those who want to clear things up there heads.

At the end of the episode, we had to cross some people from the suspects we thought of. Obviously, we cross out Prince Lawrence. Surprisingly, we remove Woody from the suspects list. We knew he was being framed since Bloody Mary had the Woodsman's axe. And of course, we take away Crane from the suspects. I really had doubts that he is the murderer. It leaves the fat twins, Georgie (?), and Bluebeard. But we should also add Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man.

I had strong thoughts that Bloody Mary could have killed Lily and Faith. Did you see the method Bloody Mary was gonna kill Bigby? It targets the head, chopping it. And we thought the Woodsman did the murders. So there is this thought that says: "How did they get Woody's axe?".

On the first Episode, if you chose to go to Toad's apartment and left Prince Lawrence for death, you would see Dee (or Dum) looking for something at the apartment when you went up with Woody robbing Faith. And we know that they were working for someone, who turned out to be this Crooked Man (or Bloody Mary). Definitely, the axe was the thing they were looking for, at least.

Anyway, we can also say that Dee and Dum could've held the murders. Aren't they known for being butchers? And saying that he didn't kill Faith might be a lie or a truth. But either way, we know that the twins are involved in the murders.

Going to this Georgie guy, he is still a possible suspect. On the final parts of the episode, when Bigby and Snow went to Crane, Georgie said "We have a problem." Who could he be talking to? Possibly, it is the Crooked Man. Well he can be a part of the Crooked Man's gang. Why?

Starting with the surprise at the end. How could the Crooked Man know that Bigby would be there? It couldn't just be coincidence. It was actually on time. And knowing that the motive on the ambush was Crane, Bigby was still attacked. Definitely, someone has communication with whomever is in the Pudding n' Pie. And it would definitely be Georgie. Besides, the victims were prostitutes that work for him.

Now, we go with Bluebeard. If you played excluding the office of Dee and Dum on the three choices of destination, Bluebeard goes to the office without hesitation, like he intends to go there. And at the end Dee and Dum were actually with Bloody Mary near the bar. It would either be Bluebeard was stealthy at the office, he didn't reach the office with the twins inside, or he had something with the twins.

Now, there are these powerful question in our heads: "Why is Crane of interest to the Crooked Man?", "Why is Crane in the photo with Lily?", "Who could've took the picture?".Well, Crane said "It's not my fault!". There has to be something that they want from the deputy mayor. But then we will still know more about it on the next episode.

I hope this helped clear your thoughts. If you have some ideas, thoughts, or any discovery, post it below.

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