Time in wolf among us

Do anyone know how much time has gone since the first episodes start.
Is there any exact time?

If I would guess I would have to go with maybe 2 days.
I really have no idea. Let me know what you think? :)


  • About two days I guess

  • If Bigby asks the Woodsman why he ran he mentioned that it was two days ago, so yeah, two days seems accurate, since Faith seems to take place over a day. From the very start, at the Woodman's apartment, it'd be two days since that happened at night, and the whole of Episode 3 was set in the night.

  • It sounds so strange. 3 episodes for 2 days. Haha

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    This issue is cleared up in a newspaper clipping found in the Tweedles files under Brannigan.

    Bigby was called to the Tenement building on Sunday night/ Monday morning (sometime after midnight), Faith's head was found a few hours later, and then Lily (as Snow) showed up the following night. Bigby spoke to Brannigan early Tuesday afternoon, and investigated the Open Arms later that night, so by the time he gets to Auntie Greenleafs, it's Wednesday morning (2:14am) and then the showdown with Bloody Mary happens not long after that.

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