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The one spreading all the rumors!!!

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In the funeral, you can hear Dee and Dum when trying to make the deal with you that SOMEONE told them about the Crane situation. And only Beast and Beautu knew! Could they be working for them?

  • I don't know, maybe there could be a spy working for the Crooked Man and always watching Bigby for all we know and maybe told the Tweedles about Bigby hunting down Crane.

    • Hmm... Someone like that would have to be able to get around quickly. Like, maybe have the ability to appear in reflective surfaces...

      Could it possibly be Bloody Mary?

  • I think a lot of people are working for Crooked Man.

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    Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

    Only Beast and Beauty knew? What about Crane? Please, do something guys, Bigby is looking for me?

  • Jack's the loose-tongued pile of shit. He has to be.

  • As I said in an above comment, I think that it's possible that it could be Bloody Mary, as the Book of Fables confirms that she can appear in reflective surfaces. That would be quite handy for sneaking around and gathering information. Because besides her, it would have to be

    a) an unknown character, which is possible

    b) Beauty, which I highly doubt

    c) Beast, which I also doubt, but maybe a little less than I doubt Beauty, because someone had to have told him about the Open Arms.

    EDIT: It could also be Crane, which is still very likely.

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