The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 – Thoughts & Questions?

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The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 – Thoughts & Questions?

Hello Tell-Tale-Games & the Community, I’ve just finished playing through Episode 3 and I’m astounded. The music in this episode was great! I loved the drama between Snow & Bigby. I enjoyed the story throughout the Episode. So… I have a few questions… please answer them if you can:

1) Snow hands over Crane to Bloody Mary. Does this mean that he is dead? – I’m thinking that we’ll find his body somewhere… like just on the sidewalk or something.

2) Is Bloody Mary the main villain here? I suspected it would be The Crooked Man. However… now I’m thinking, what if we beat Bloody Mary in the next episode, only to be told that The Crooked Man is not the main culprit. And someone who is higher up than him…

3) Please Answer These Two Questions :3

4) And final question: Do you think Bloody Mary should’ve made an appearance in the episode before Episode 3? – It seems a little rushed to me :c


  • 1) Not possible, he shows up in the comic at least once.

    2) No way to know, but I suspect that the Crooked Man and Bloody Mary are only tangential to the central murder mystery.

    3) It makes sense for Bloody Mary to be introduced now. Each episode is raising the stakes. This way, she gets a strong but brief introduction, then she can be a thorn in Bigby's side throughout the next episode until we fight her at the climax. This leaves the final episode for the ultimate reveal of the mystery and maybe a battle with the mastermind behind it all.

  • Nah Crane is too important to them.

  • y it gotta end tho

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