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Vivian's Story?

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Has anyone figured out which Fable/Story she might be from? I was thinking she could possibly be based on Vasilisa The Beautiful but that is just speculation. Any guesses?

  • No, seriously, i don;t have the slightest idea. Telltale will never use any fables from my country, and i don't really know a lot of other fables from outside, so...

  • All I know is that she's "Georgie's girl" and works as a hostess instead of getting involved in stripping and prostitution.

    Hopefully we see her in the next episode to get more on her back-story.

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    Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

    "Much of Vivian's past is unknown since she prefers not to talk about her life back in the Homelands."

    Since episode 2 she has high position on my list of suspects. It's suspicious TTG didn't write her story in BoF.

    • Agreed. Something about her just makes me suspicious, and she WOULD have had opportunity to kill both Lily and Faith.

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        Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

        In ep. 1 Crane asked Snow to reschedule his "massage" with her. Now we know how his "massage" looked like. But Lily went to room 207 anyway, right? Vivian didn't tell her that "prince" won't come?
        Bigby found Crane's wine in room 207. And Huff & Puff cigarettes. Who smoked? Lily? Crane? Killer? There is machine with Huff & Puff in Pudding & Pie. And Vivian smokes.

        • Holy hell, guys!

          That actually seems like a really good theory to me

        • Yeah, also remember how in episode 3 she was so eager to convince Bigby Crane was guilty? That was the point where I actually found something suspicious about her but now that you pointed that out it's more than obvious she can be easily added on the suspects list.

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            Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

            Don't be surprised if she's not guilty. Theory is good, nothing more.

            "Welcome to the Pudding and Pie! Where we cater to the "diverse tastes" of the Fable community. Your pleasure is our pleasure. Your desires are our disires. Your imagination is the menu and discretion is our guarantee." - Perfect place for psycho killer.

            "Lily. Now you will never die from indifference or lead tedious life. Goodbye sweetheart. Thanks for everything. Vivian."- I don't know how to explain it. Something's not right.

            • Still if the theory will prove to be correct she's no more than just an assassin. But she had access to all the victims (prostitutes) so it really makes sense. It remains to be seen who is behind it all. Remember how Mermaid comes to Bigby's office in ep 4 trailer and wants to talk about something? I think she will try to tell him, if you look close in episode 3 when Crane tries to find out who is the killer she was really reticent about Vivian at least that' how I see her and again the way she tried to make Crane seem guilty when he was obviously not was really fishy. Also what better assassin than someone so unexpected and under a spell so she cannot spill out anything about who is behind it all (maybe that's why Crane was there after all, when/if Bigby tells Snow "this piece of shit knows more than he says" or something similar he just jumps out like "No, I don't know anything" also he acts weird around Vivian and that's why she was so eager to call him a criminal)

        • Wow... that's a really good theory. I've been wondering what her Fable is, because honestly I don't have any clue who she's supposed to be. I'm guessing it's something obscure. And it seems like TTG is intentionally keeping it a secret for now, if her Book of Fables entry is to be trusted. I was surprised she showed up in EP3, I figured we wouldn't see her much again after her debut in Smoke and Mirrors. I have a hunch that she's being set up for a bigger role.

          I was suspicious too when I noticed how insistent she was in saying that Crane was the murderer. She has the magic ribbon around her neck, surely if she actually knew who the killer was, she wouldn't be able to say it. Plus, all you'd have to do is merely look at Crane to see he's a cowardly, sniveling weasel who would never be capable of having the courage to murder someone. It's obvious he didn't kill Lily, or else he wouldn't of bothered trying to prove his innocence with the ring. If it really had been a legitimate working artifact like he thought it was at the time, he would've been proven guilty.

          • Exactly, also he probably knows Vivian is the killer but he didn't have the courage to talk, it was worthless as long as she has the ribbon and remember how basically only Mermaid was the one saying "my lips are sealed?" like she really wanted to talk (that's most probably why she goes to Bigby in ep 4 with that little secret) , Vivian though she was exactly the opposite trying to make Crane seem guilty. There's definitely something going on there.

            • Hm, I can't say for sure. Crane is a spineless coward, but I think he would trip himself at the chance to prove his innocence if he had any knowledge or suspicion of Vivian being the killer, even if it means Bigby wouldn't buy it and the prostitutes couldn't confirm it. I got the vibe he didn't really know himself who the murderer was, his only interest was proving himself not guilty. It's a theory, though. I guess it depends on how you interpret Crane's character and behavior during the whole scene.

              I don't know if Nerissa knows, she seems close with Vivian, you can see Vivian comforting Nerissa after Crane quits harassing her. I doubt she would want much to do with Vivian if she knew she was up to something. Unless they're working together, that is. I can agree with you that there's something going on, though.

              I have a theory that the ribbon might actually be the cause of both Faith and Lily's deaths. Both of them were beheaded right where the ribbon was supposed to be, maybe the ribbon has the power to behead them if they do something wrong, like leak information?

              • I thought about the ribbon beheading too. And yeah I was just putting up some theories and you're probably right about Nerissa not knowing Vivian is the killer, it was just a thought there more than a theory, a better explanation for why she's going to Bigby's office is that she knows something about the guy she saw in the car at the end of ep 3, makes more sense. Well, we'll see where the whole thing is going, can't wait to find out what's all about in the end.

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                  Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

                  Decapitated by a ribbon. I like the idea. Magic ribbon will keep your mouth shut, don't try to take it off, you'll lose head. But why Faith's ribbon was in her mouth? Lily's mouth was empty.

                  If Vivian is involved in the murders, I don't think she's working alone. TJ heard "stop laughing".

                  Vivian was comforting Nerissa. Maybe she was pretending. Lily and her friends; Faith and Nerissa were in the photo. Not Vivian. Only TTG knows, what Nerissa knows. And why Crane believed mermaid knows who the killer is - I have no idea.

                  Another two months of waiting for the answers. Damn.

                  • There is a tale that is believed to have dated back to the French Revolution, but like Vivian, it's true origins are unknown. The tale has been adapted many times but the most well known titles are "The Green Ribbon" and "The Velvet Ribbon" which was black. Though there are many adaptions, the story is always the same.
                    A boy falls in love with a girl who always wears a ribbon. He intends to marry her (in one version before the next full moon in autumn) & he does. On their wedding day he notices that she's still wearing her ribbon. He asks her why she's still wearing it. From this point it slightly varies most notably in the Green version where there's more sympathy for the husband.
                    She replies, "I'll tell you when the time is right"
                    So he doesn't bother with it & they lived happily married. Years later after they've grown old, the wife grew deathly ill. The man stayed by her side.
                    She says to him, "Now I can show you the truth" She removes her ribbon & her head rolls.
                    In the other versions, it's slightly darker. Let's rewind to the wedding scene when the man asks about her ribbon.
                    She replies, "If I do, you'll be sorry. So I won't."
                    So he doesn't bother with it & they continued the wedding. She is the perfect wife... except for the ribbon. The sight of it drove him mad. He couldn't stand the sight of it.
                    He would ask "Won't you please take that ribbon off?"
                    But her reply was always the same, "If I do, you'll be sorry. If I do, you'll be sorry. If I do, you'll be sorry."
                    This truly tested their marriage.
                    "Either take that ribbon off, or I will," he said one night to his wife of only four weeks.
                    He received the same response, "If I do, you'll be sorry. So I won't."
                    He felt all around her neck to find the knot, but he was stunned to find there was no end. After one night when she had drifted to sleep, the husband went to her sewing kit & removed a small pair of sewing scissors. He delicately slid the blade behind the ribbon & snipped. Along with the ribbon, her head roll off the pillow, off the bed, into the floor.
                    She muttered her last words, "You'll be sorry... you'll be... sor... ry..."

                    I remembered this story back in episode 2 or 3 & wasn't sure this would be a possibility because I thought it was copyrighted by someone, but after seeing Nerissa in episode 4, I felt this was actually the possible source material. So I did research & it turned out to be adapted many times. So I believe the ribbons may be a type of spell in the Fables universe, being able to be any color (like the many versions of the story being black, green, & yellow) & also making the wearer repeat a key phrase or 2 like "You'll be sorry if I do. So I won't." but in Wolf Among Us it's "These lips are sealed." & possibly a second phrase that follows "You like my ribbon?" Much like how "So I won't" follows "You'll be sorry if I do" but isn't required as often. Then of course the obvious side effect of the beheading. It's thought to have originated during the French Revolution due the grand terror & beheading by guillotine. This feature of the ribbon can be used to practically enslave the wearer with the threat to remove it. So Faith & Lily's murders were (unfortunately) quite easy & not require a lot of strength or force to do so. So Mary possibly would not have been needed for the hit & who's not to say she helped with the dirty work of ridding the body & been the one "laughing" that TJ heard.

        • Isn't Nerissa smokes too?Alt text EDIT: If you can't see the photo here's the link:

          • Also,when she ask you at the funeral "did you find anything".If you reply with it was Crane's room you say "but you already knew that,right?And Nerissa just nods,so i think it makes sense :o

            • Nerissa doesn't smoke Huff 'n Puffs, as seen in Episode 4. And she can't tell Bigby it was Crane's room because the ribbon, she smartly pointed Bigby at the Open Arms.

  • When I hurd Vivian for the first time I tought about a fox.:))maybe she's from the bear and fox story

  • She has to be involved. There is something not right about her.

  • I think her dressed all in purple might be a clue. In Nerissa's fable, she ends up dressed in sea foam - so white. But I didn't find anyone for purple, yet.

    • Lavendar Blue, perhaps?

      Lavender blue and Rosemary green,
      When I am king you shall be queen;
      Call up my maids at four o'clock,
      Some to the wheel and some to the rock;
      Some to make hay and some to shear corn,
      And you and I will keep the bed warm.

  • What is strange is no one realized that in the first episode when Crane told Snow to call VIVIAN at the the Massage parlore...... the same vivian from the puddin and pie

    • The "massage" was probably a meeting with Lily, glamoured to look like Snow of course.

    • Its been mentioned in other threads about the "massage" thing. Vivian is probably an alias so searching for possible fable connection would probably be tough. Its been awhile but was Nerissa used in "The Little Mermaid?" Its been 20+ years since I've seen it.

      • No, the Disney version was named Ariel, Nerissa was never used in the film. The mermaid in the original Hans Christian Andersen story of 'The Little Mermaid' was nameless.

        Nerissa is a variant of "Nereida", meaning 'sea nymph'. In Greek mythology, the Nereid were sea nymphs and deities of the seas. The term "Nereid" can also extend to mermaids. So, there's a bit of a word play in Nerissa's name.

  • Could Vivian be the Cheshire Cat? With the Tweedles in the game and Bloody Mary making the reference "Long live the Queen" i'm starting to believe she could be

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    Ellias BANNED

    some fables are made up by TTG like aunt greenleaf

    • Well, I guess they can do it for witches... there are so many of them and they're quite immersed in many fables, so it doesn't really matter if they make up a new one. Besides, they're usually mostly known only as "witch" in the fables, so who knows... maybe Aunty Greenleaf has origins in some already existing story, it's just her name wasn't known there.

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