• I gave my money to Faith, and didn't pay for the damage, stole the money from Dee and from Georgie and didn't pay Nerissa the money, which was good, because she gave me the room anyways. I took the money in Crane's apartment.

    Wanted to get as much money as I could

  • It doesn't stack though, so you were better off just giving all of your money to Nerissa, cause you lose the money in the beginning of EP3 either way. Even if you don't spend the money in EP1, the money is gone in EP2. Still though, my question stands, where do you use the money in EP3?

    • Really? I thought it did stack up so was worried I would have to save it for something big. I ended up giving money to Faith, everything to Nerissa, and I didn't get any money in episode 3.

      • From what I saw it doesn't, in my playthroughs all of your items from previous episodes don't make it in the next one. Like the cloth from EP1 for example, it just disapears out of your inventory. Same goes for the flowers and glamour in Ep2. So alongside those items, so does your cash.

        • Interesting. People have been making theories how the money you collected could be used to pay off the Crooked Man, but if it disappears no matter what...then maybe finding money is merely used to see who you'd take it from and who you would give it to.

          Also, where is the money in the twin's office? I looked all over.

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            You have to go there first instead of the apartment, you and Fly go down into a secret room where there's a bunch of packages, including one for the Butcher, which Bigby connects to the one in Aunty Greenleaf's apartment, and one from Crane, which contains the money.

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