Ok, I'll admit, AJ was a better host over all. However, I really like Greg. If AJ couldn't do it, I would have picked Greg too. So what if her brought up Cluke? It's called a fucking joke! He didn't really mean it!! I'm just curious why everyone hates him so much.



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    I totally agree with you !! :D (people who don't like greg, please don't hate me ;_;)

  • I'm with you! Greg isn't as annoying as we sometimes make out he is, haha :)

  • He gets a bit more flak than he deserves, I think, but he's still no AJ.

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    I don't hate him either. I just don't think he makes a very good host or interviewer. I don't find the way he interacts with other people to be particularly charming or funny and he doesn't ask his guests enough interesting questions about their work on the game, which is what I'm interesting in knowing about when I tune into something called "Playing Dead."

  • I don't hate him either ...he can be a little annoying but he's okay I guess. Only real mature people will get pass the "Cluke" momment and realize it was a mistake

  • Only real mature people will get pass the "Cluke" momment and realize it was a mistake

    Greg didn't. He brought it up twice.

  • He was pretty funny on The Gauntlet (little camping bitch he is) but he is kinda annoying. But not quite the Anti-Christ some make him seem to be.

  • They were recorded on the same day

  • I don't hate him. I hate his skills as a host. They aren't very good...

  • Hey, It's a Legitimate Strategy! Also, I thought the same thing (about the Gauntlet).

  • As I said before, Greg is tolerable, but he isn't my favorite host.

  • I agree with you. I prefer AJ, but some people here want to lynch the poor guy!

  • No, you just did, I responded to you to say that it serves no purpose.

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    Well hopefully he will mature later on but I am talking about the people here

  • Oh haha. It was in response to the don't respond to bots message on the other thread.

  • Thank you, glad to see that I'm not the only one. I even feel sorry for Greg. Has to deal with a rather shit audience that hates him and a couple of years ago he suffered a form of cancer (not sure what form of cancer it was) he hasn't been living it easy really, but he's still as optimistic as heck when he works for IGN. Even if it does come across as annoying, it's a good thing he does what he does. "Hate" is a very strong word that I just see people throw left and right around here lately.

  • "Legitimate strategy!" xD did he actually say that on it? I don't remember, would be pretty funny if he did since the show was made by the same people who made that very quote (good ol' RT).

  • Hmmmm... Still don't like him, nothing personal.

  • I for one feel like he's become more and more tolerable over the past episodes.

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    I don't hate Greg but I don't like him ether, I admit I have been too hard on him & I should calm down when hating on him but I still think he is a really bad host regardless, The only positive thing I can say about him is he wasn't that bad in this weeks Playing Dead.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo @Tyranitar XD

  • It's an old RT shirt. And after he won that challenge Greg wore it a lot.

  • why did the other host leave anyway????

  • It's not really about hating him or not; it's about just being plain annoyed by him. I watched a couple more of his interviews and I found that his remarks can leave an awkward trail behind and the guest stars would try and entertain the host by playing along with the awkward joke instead of the other way around (the host entertains the guests).

    Besides, it's the Internet. Everyone's gonna find one reason or another to hate you eventually. This happens a lot in real life too FYI. Can't please everybody.

  • The more and more I think about it, the more I realize.... I WAS TOO BIG OF DICK ABOUT IT.

    I don't hate him that much anymore, of course I'd probably get annoyed from time to time. I accept him for who he is. He's just being himself, even though he acts unprofessional from time to time, but that's nothing new.

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    Yes, you are right. I absolutely know what you are talking about...at first, i hated Greg Miller to. But now i finally realized, i was to big of a dick about it.

    A tribute to Greg Miller!

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

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    He's a shitty host who constantly talks over and interrupts his guests in desperate attempts to be witty and zany when what he should be doing is conducting a fucking interview. This leaves the person we're actually there to see and hear from in the awkward position of having to constantly humor a pasty manchild with limited social skills as he runs his mouth about whatever dumb brain-fart floats through his head, since what really matters for Greg Miller is how much obnoxious mugging he can accomplish in a sitting.

    Ultimately it's a pathological bid for the attention he never got from his peers growing up so I can't blame him too much. I'd just rather he did something less detrimental to the public to get it, like setting up a no-kill animal shelter or arson.

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    Wow, way to lay it all on him. Hey Tobi, looks like you're not that big of a dick after all, next to this guy.

  • Hate really doesn't mean what it used to, let's be honest. Also, most don't hate Greg, after all how can they since they've never met the guy? They hate his host abilities.

  • I have no hate for him either, and I heard he beat cancer so I kind of admire him for that.

  • That guy on the left is fucking creepy LMAO

  • I think TT didn't contact him to be the host this time :(

  • The fuck am I looking at...

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    BUT hes so FUCKING ANNOYING!!! He never lets anyone speak for more than 5 seconds without interrupting them! He is so attention seeking and makes shitty jokes all the time. The picture above shows it.. on a table in front of everyone trying to show his ugly ass...

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