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Bigger Episodes (No topic to talk ;_;)

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Hi there ! :D
Okay, we wait 2-4 months for the episode and when the episode arrives, it's just 1h and something. And then, we have to wait again :(
We're almost without topic to talk in the community.
So what can we do? I think we could pray for bigger episodes ! :D
(Gosh, we really need news about the game from telltale ;_;)

  • Length shouldn't be priority.

  • I think they already know that we want long episodes.

  • I always want quality over quantity, although I would not complain if they'd extend them to be like 2 hours long average.

    • ...They aren't two hours average length? So far, each episode of Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us has taken me two hours or more to complete with the exception of All That Remains and Smoke & Mirrors.

      • Oh, maybe I am wrong then, I have had the feeling they've only been like 100 minutes long lately. I haven't really taken any times during my plays, but they have just felt so much shorter than usual.

        • It's been taken down, or the link isn't working, mind telling me what it said?

            • Eh, I disagree, I actually like that the story has been made to flow more smoothly, and I always felt the when you had to walk around and talk to everyone in the first Season was an interruption and completely broke the flow. The story progressed nicely, and then it was like, "Okay, stop everything and go around and talk to everyone now!". It felt a little awkward. I much prefer it in Season Two where those scenes are part of the cutscenes. I wouldn't mind longer and better puzzles or gameplay sequences, for example, getting the medicine in Episode One, or any of the investigation sequences in The Wolf Among Us, but I really don't want to see a return to the areas where you just walked around and talked to everyone.

              And I have no idea how A House Divided could only be 1 and a half hours. I've played it three times now and each time it's added three hours to my total play time recorded on steam. Honestly, it felt like it had a good length(All the new episodes of either series have except for All The Remains and Smoke & Mirrors), and the flow of the story felt much better than it did in any of the episodes from Season One, which I can best describe as kind of... broken. Super fast, and then extremely slow with almost no middle ground. The only exceptions were No Time Left and 400 Days. And possibly Long Road Ahead.

              • I've played it three times now and each time it's added three hours to my total play time recorded on steam.

                Take the time from start to finish, no way in hell it took you three hours! O_O (I wish it did)

                Yeah, many people feel as you do, too. I'll now be a lazy ass and redirect you to another thread in which I've given more or less all my arguments on why I like those areas. Sorry for that, but I've said the same things over and over again, and I think they're best expressed in that original space. Read or don't, as you please.

                In a discussion with one of the Telltale staff, I brought up the possibility of maybe implementing those areas while making somewhat clear the action/object/thing that triggers the progression of the story. That way people who like their narrative presented with the current flow and pace would not be affected that much. I jokingly brought up completitionists or people with OCD as a problem, but hey, it'd be our choice to move forward or wander around.

                I'd like to see a middle ground on all of this, but I guess whatever design choices TT make, they will always be somewhat alienating part of the fanbase. I am not a complete fan of their new design philosophy, but A Crooked Mile left me happily surprised in some ways, so I guess only time will tell. Let's see what approach they take for next episode. Whatever it ends up being, hopefully it will be the for the best.

  • The length is fine to me as long as the story and gameplay are fun. that being said I wouldn't complain if we got longer episodes lol. but for 5 bucks you get what you get seems worth it to me :P

  • anyone who says the length is between 40 minutes and 1 hour is over exaggerating the shortness of the episode I have never played any telltale episode that lasted shorter than 90 minutes in fact a staff member pretty much said on one of the threads here that telltale actually has being aiming for 90 minutes the whole time with all their games dating back to sam and max I think the only reason the episodes are shorter is because unlike their previous games we can't freely walk around and talk the other characters and explore the area if they add that back in the episodes will start going back to being 120 minutes for sure

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    ItsGabee BANNED

    Um, it's already confirmed that the goal length of EVERY episode is 90 minutes.
    I prefer the episode to be short yet good instead of long and boring.

    If you can't talk about anything on the forums then go play other games, especially the ones that are good IMHO.

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