magical items easter egg

When going through Crane's desk, you find a book that lists all of the magical items Fabletown has along with who owns them. Crane ripped out the page he needed, but the two entries you can see on the pages before and after are for the witching cloak and the vorpal sword.

Comic book SPOILER

In the comics, Boy Blue has the cloak and he takes the vorpal sword to the Homelands to try and rescue Red Ridding Hood. It was a really cool story arc.

Seeing these two entries made me realize how awesome it would be to have them be useable items in the game. I know it wouldn't make much sense with the continuity of the comics, but maybe if there's a second season set later in the Fables timeline, or maybe there could be a spinoff game featuring the segment from Boy Blue going to the Homeland's. Just a cool idea.

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