• Well, it's not Beauty, unless she ends up completely getting away with it. She's in the comic book, which takes place after TWAU.

    • That's why i hate knowing outside info, it kills the fun of it a little. We pretty much know automatically who isn't the killer.

    • Yeah, kind of annoying when you just immediately rule out people since they're in the comics. That's quite a disadvantage to this being a prequel. Though who knows, they might come up with something crazy and beauty is somehow the killer, but completely fine in the comics. >.<

  • Me neither. They obviously are involved, but it's too obvious.
    I think the killer will still be someone we won't expect still.

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    Cooked Man, cough cough.

  • I find id rather hard to believe that a "cooked man" could pull of such elaborate murders, however I haven't been cooked so I am not really a credible source.

  • I don't think the killer is anyone who's been introduced so far. But I do think there are a few characters who aren't telling everything they know. (Georgie, Bluebeard, Nerissa, Dum and Dee) The Crooked Man is definitely tied to what's going on, though I don't think he's the one actually committing the murders.

    It can't be Beauty, Beast, Bluebeard, Jack, or Snow, since they all show up later in the comics, or somehow they managed to go free. Can't be Crane, Bloody Mary said he's no killer, and I doubt he has the balls to do something like that anyways.

    • In Nerissa's case she can't physically tell us.... I wonder couldn't she just write down what she knows? or maybe the spell doesn't allow that either.

      Anyways ya I don't think the killer is introduced yet. Bloody Mary and the Crooked man are to obvious so I really don't think its them. I still think the Red/Orange haired man has something to do with it. he's always following bigby and you can even see in EP.3 that he is driving the taxi.

      • Hmmm, you never know. Maybe in a future episode the spell will be broken. I get the vibe that she definitely knows something about what's going on, and wants to tell, but can't because of the ribbon. It's probably related to the Crooked Man, seeing as Georgie has ties with him. I figure that when we're finally told what the whole business with the Crooked Man is all about, things will start coming together.

        I'm iffy on the red-haired guy. On one hand I think he might just be a model placeholder, but the fact that he shows up in Toad's apartment building is very suspicious, especially considering that we've seen him in every episode thus far. Very strange.

        • Aaaaah.

          Your avatar reminds me of this girl from this anime horror show, Corpse Party! I can't!

          Probably nobody knows what the fuck i am talking about, but, hey.


          Right in the feels.

          • I've heard of the anime horror game called Corpse Party, if that's what you're referring to. I watched a LP of it around a year and a half ago, the plot was very intriguing. I liked it, though it got pretty gruesome at certain points in the game. I've been planning on re-watching it for a while now, since I've forgotten most of the story.

            My avatar does kinda look like Seiko, with the hair swirls and all.

            • Oh, no, there's an anime, too! Trust me, the anime is WAY creepier. It's a show. But remember some of those horrible scenes from the game? They are ten times worse in the anime. The kids that got killed and shit... It shows you how he got stabbed in the eye and it shows you how he got his head cut off with scissors and how their tongues got cut out and how... How Mayu got squelched. Poor Mayu. But mostly, poor Morishige. The bastard went insane :(

              But your character reminds me of Seiko :'(

              • Really? There's an anime now? Wow, I didn't know about that. I knew about the manga and that other game, Book of Shadows or whatever it is, but I hadn't heard about any anime. And yikes, I bet it's brutal.

                Aw man, I loved Morishige and Mayu, (I kinda shipped them around the first time I watched the game, actually) their endings were too tragic, especially Mayu's.

                • I KNOW.

                  I shipped them so hard, and then there goes Mayu, and Shig-bro goes cray, and UGH.

                  MY FEELS.

                  And, yeah, the show's called Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. I love it. I would show you a bit of it, but, you know why i can't. I think i can get banned for posting that kinda shit here.

  • I am with you. I think that the Crooked Man is being targeted by the real killer.

    They are killing off his business both the actual girls, but also the Pudding and Pie and Open Arms. The Crooked Man has BM, and the Tweedles on his payroll - so we are looking for someone opposing him.

    Could be Bluebeard I suppose, but that feels pretty obvious too, since his back story has in decapitating his wives without remorse.

    But what about the dwarves? All we know of them is that they are supposed to be connected with Snow White somehow, and yet all we get is "The less said about them the better." from Ep 1. In the same picture, there is also Badger in the picture; but he doesn't really seem to fit like the picture of the sinister dwarves.

    The Headless horseman is a possibility, but it seems a stretch - he would only be after Crane - and there is no good tie-in to Faith.

    The red-haired guy is interesting. It does look like the same guy driving the Crooked Man and the Taxi. He was in line for the Business Office, when Bigby goes in to discuss Faith's head. Could he be Peter the Pumpkin eater - in some of the darker variations it was not mentioned that his wife survived being in the pumpkin shell?

    • The dwarves are dead, Snow herself killed them after months of rape and forced labor and the red haired guy appears in the comics, the badger is a important character in the comics but the headless horseman makes some kind of sense.

  • I agree, it would be too simple a solution. Both Faith and Lilly were working for the Crooked Man (as Georgie is) and probably owed him money so he would need a damn good reason to kill them both. Obviously one can think of a motive that would push the CM to murder them (like the compromising photo Faith supposedly stole and perhaps wanted to use in order to blackmail Crane). But then it seems inexplicable why he would try to frame Crane as it was clearly the case with the Lilly's murder? Crane owes him even more money and moreover, if the CM wanted to make make a scapegoat of Crane why would he even bother to steal him from Bigby and Snow? This does not add up, at least in my opinion.

  • i think it might be "the butcher"

    • The Butcher makes an appearance in the comics... preparing food for Snow and Bigby's wedding, no less. So I'm pretty confident it's not him. It's not the Baker or the Candlestick Maker, either.

  • To be honest, I'm starting to have thoughts about Snow. Mainly because I don't think she has a strong alibi and is beginning to show a "darker" side in EP 3 (EP 1 Snow would never burn down that tree, especially if that was the only way a fable could get by in life) I mean think about it, where was she on the night she supposedly died? With Toad? You're telling me she went to investigate a problem on her own without any help or supervision? Yeah right.

    • Plus she was the first to discover Faith's body and if I believe that tarot card he kept means backstabbing or betrayal (thats how I interpret it) then perhaps he gets betrayed by somebody close to him, like Snow.

    • Nope, why does he marry her then? Snow "darker" side was actually the pressure of things happening she actually wanted to end everything as fast as possible, she also considered herself guilty for Lily's death. How can she not be harsh when a dude was glamouring a prostitute as her and banging her everything using stolen Fabletown money.

    • Nobody here read the fucking comics. Snow is a important character in the there and is not a villain.

  • I'm thinking of potentially Bluebeard or Prince Charming (if he somehow gets introduced). It just seems that whoever is the perpetrator wants to overthrow the current leaders of the take fable community and take charge him/herself. Bluebeard has hinted on it as well as Bloody Mary.


    In the comics there comes a time where Prince Charming wants to become the new mayor of Fabletown and he actually ends up killing Bluebeard so he can takeover his wealth and use it to gain control of the community, so he might be the one behind what's happening. It might also be the Adversary working through Bloody Mary and the Crooked Guy to take over the Fable Community as well and then extend his dominion to earth.

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