Who is worse?

Who do you find the most despicable and unbearably annoying? Greg Miller or Luke? This is a pretty close one but I'd have to say Luke. While Greg can be annoying as hell to the point where I want to punch him in the face, at least he can be funny at times. While Luke is just plain annoying without any worthwhile qualities about him. Luke can never take no as an answer which really pisses me off. He's stubborn and always makes his plans sound better than they actually are (the escaping Carver community which backfires and the bridge idea which also backfires) and when he does have a good plan, he fails to execute it properly. Luke's ideas mostly consist of playing it by ear. He never fully thinks of the repercussions of his actions which has led to people's death. The only reason people follow his plans is because he makes it sound better than it actually is by pushing, swaying, and/or persuading people. I also never understood why when he's around adults, he's rational and mature, but when he's around Clementine, he acts like a total dork. At least Greg Miller isn't that bad.



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