What would have happened?

What would have happened if let's just say durning S1 Episode 1 Lee died after meeting Clem and the drugstore group. Who would have taken care of Clem? How would the game have changed?


  • I've thought about this once. Maybe if Lee was good to Kenny's family, Katjaa would convince him to take her in.

  • Cool. I think that Carley would look after her.

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    They would have all died sooner or later, without Lee!

    Kenny and Katja would have obviously taken good care of Clementine. They are good people and care about children.

    How would the game have changed? Well...the main protagonist would be dead, so i gues the game would have ended at this point, lol.

  • What I meant was how would the characters life's have changed.

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    Alot of course. Clementine would have been very sad, Kenny and Katja would have to watch after two children and the group would have been lost without Lee. (And would have probaply died at the Saint John dairy)

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    Think about Bandits they would of killed all of them without Lee shooting his gun. Clem would of never learned any of the lessons she would be an outcast as even with Katjaa its still not her daughter her. Lee's bond was strong because both of them were strangers to the group just survived because of each other. Lee found out about the St Johns as cannibals so whole group would of been someones dinner. Every situation they encounter or trouble they had Lee solved and protected the group without him all be dead for sure. But of course whole direction of the story would of changed so who knows but without lee every challenge and situation goes from a maybe to a impossible feat

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    In episode hopefully Glenn would decide to save her. Clem also likes her
    In episode 2 they're all trapped in a meat locker Clem would sneak out air shaft unlock the door. Carley saves the day.
    Episode 3 Carley is good at shooting she could take down the bandits and protect Clementine. She also seems to have good morals. Maybe Ben would've died without Lee so she'd never get shot by Lily. She'll teach Clementine to use a gun. Carley also reminds me of Lee in personality and will teach Clem well. Lily & Kenny can sometimes make irrational decisions so it shouldn't be them.
    Episode 4 and 5 I'm not sure about.

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