Doesn't this suck?

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I began thinking about the thread that someone posted about how lame the forum will be once season 2 is over. Then I began thinking about how emotionally captivated I was as I played season 1 for the first time. I played the game a bunch of times but I'll never feel that same feeling that I got from the first play through. Never laugh as hard. Never get as scared when walkers pop up out of no where. It just won't be the same after you've beat both seasons


  • i know. i JUST rewatchd the walking dead episode 5. expected all of it, knew all of it was going to happen. i told myself i wasnt going to cry at the end i wasnt going to cry.!! so i got to the end. the feels were so strong. i have replayed it plenty of times before but cried like a woos EVERY time. i thought i was going to beat it until lee said " ill miss you" and clem said "ill miss you too" RIGHT AFTER THEY SAID THAT I BURSTED OUT CRYING. i couldnt take it.

  • Yeah i'll never laugh at the jokes the characters said every now and then or be worried about what might happen next but I will always cry when playing the last scene. I play that scene like once a month and I'm always in tears.

  • Yeah, it's actually extremely sad, considering the fact that I get bored of the episode BETWEEN the episodes, so I can't imagine how I'll do when the whole season is released. I guess I'll just have to wait for season 3. (If that ever happens. Who knows when because TTG will be working on so much at the time)

  • Though it's not the same pathetic, sloppy ice-cream gobbling mess I was put in the first time I played it, the ending still procures some eyeball sweat.

    ...shit Telltale, I'm a grown-ass man. ;_;

  • We need to start a Memory Wipe machine on kickstarter so we can experience the feels to the max.

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