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Relationships in TWD

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I've noticed that the game doesn't really have too many romantic relationships (not like I want to get off to the idea or anything but it is not strange for people to date out of either desperation or attachment in an apocalypse). We've had kenny and his wife, alvin and rebecca. Any other potential couples you could've saw?

  • " We've had kenny and his wife, alvin and rebecca. Any other potential couples you could've saw? "

    Well...Omid and Christa obviously!

    Kenny and Sarita are a couple aswell. Walter and Mathew were probaply also a couple.

    (Not to mention the romantic relationship Lee and Carley had going on ...and then that bitch Lilly shot her!)

  • People always find love, even in bad situation like in TWD. I honestly thought a romantic relationship was necessary.. things felt kinda kinda stale without one between Lee and Carely.

    I mean COMMON those two obviously hit it off the first minute they met. Why didn't TT do more with that? Too bad Lily blew her brains out >_> if Lee and Carely were in a *real* relationship that all the characters were well aware of, that moment would've been really interesting... and sad.

  • Forget about BrOmid and Christa? Kenny and Sarita? Walter and Matthew?

  • Where's the Bonnie and Leland love at?!

  • There's also Walt and Matthew.

  • Hmm.. I think we've had a good amount of couples so far. I don't like a whole lot of romance in my media, so the amount we have now is fine with me. And anyways, I guess it depends on the individual survivor's situation. You're probably not going to be thinking about hooking up when your family just died or you're on the run from bandits. If you're in a big group where there's protection and you aren't fighting to survive on a daily basis, romantic relationships forming is much more likely. Feelings are another thing entirely, but I'm talking about official couples here.

    There's Christa/Omid, Kenny/Katjaa, Kenny/Sarita, Matthew/Walter, Bonnie/Leland, Alvin/Rebecca, and to some extent Carver/Rebecca. Lee/Carley, Lee/Lilly, and Larry/Brenda were hinted to, if you'd like to count those.

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    Personally romantic relationships are least of my concerns in Walking dead don't think it's essential just to tick a box but can't really think of anyone rebecca and every male potentially lol think of all the romantic relationship what happened in TWD already it's a death sentence

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