Choices you regretted from S1

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I mean, in your first playthrough, back when you didn't know how your decisions would affect the story, so you made your choice thinking about THAT moment and not about the future... Which ones did you ended up regretting? Did you find yourself saying 'I wish I had killed Larry' later on, or something similar?


  • i dont regret saying bad words. hearing clem say "Swear" is just too cute...

  • Why regret not killing Larry? And I regret killing both St.Johns brothers

  • It was an example.

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    Why regret not killing Larry? And I regret killing both St.Johns brothers

  • I regret dropping Ben. I consider it my greatest failure so far in both Seasons 1 and 2, and 400 Days. I nearly went back and changed it about 3 separate times in the five minutes following the group returning to the house, but I somehow managed to restrain myself.

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    Not shooting Duck first stuck with me for rest of the game blamed myself for their deaths felt awful for rest of the game especially every time see Kenny

    Shooting the girl in the apartment who wanted to die killed her but that kill stuck in my head for rest of the game I killed a human girl blood on my hands

    Telling Clem might be searching for her parents and lying thought that's why she left

    Not letting clem see the dead dog and said you hurt Clems feeling felt so bad though I was helping her

    Calling Larry a racist just silly and immature on my part and when Larry found out felt bad

    Not telling Clem was a murder lied whole game about who I was

    Not blaming Ben in Rv then later on found out he lied

    So many more but good question(like to say on my first play through never knew can't actually change events that's why regretted them)

  • I surprisingly don't regret anything, at least not yet. I love hearing Clem swear, it's adorable. And Lee is the reason she keeps her hair short. :')

  • I don't regret killing Duck; no father should ever have to do that. But I do regret not getting Kenny to find his own strength and kill the boy in the attic. I just couldn't get myself to have him do that at the time.

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