• I liked Bonnie in 400 Days, she seemed like a sweet and decent person. It's cute how she talks about nail polish with Dee.

    If she does get redeemed in the next 1 or 2 episodes, great. And yes, I'd forgive her. It's despicable that she didn't attempt to save Walter or even regard him after he gave her free supplies for nothing in return, but she's weak-willed and not exactly the survivalist type, she'd fall prey easily to being brainwashed by someone like Carver. She probably doesn't realize the awful things Carver is doing and tries to justify it as being for the sake of the group. All I think she needs is a wake-up call before she would come to her senses.

    tl;dr: What she did was inexcusable, but I don't think she's evil, just brainwashed. I could forgive her, but I do hope we get to guilt trip her about it though.

  • I'm really not sure what to think of her am I upset with what she did? yeah but I don't hate her I will give her an episode or 2 to make it up to me

  • I find it harder to judge her without knowing more of her situation.

    She's not the optimist that she was in 400 Days, but it's possible that she doesn't agree with the group that her life is depending upon.

  • In my opinion, she's not really an evil person as evidenced in the preview for Ep 3. She seemed to be smiling along with Clem which means friendship or probably forgiveness.

  • At first, I wanted to her to die for not helping Walter and put her ass on a wall, but then I cooled down and since I saw the ep.3 preview, she might redeem herself.

  • I'm not out to put a bullet in her (yet) and I'm open to any reasonable explanation she may give for her actions in the next Episode, but as of right now I strongly dislike her.

  • I dont know what to think about her, i mean she abused of Walters generosity i hate her right now, maybe i can forgive her, i guess we will have to wait, i hope Carver's camp is not Tavia's camp i would hate to see the evil version of all 400 days characters, Nate is ok though

  • Honestly Bonnie only seems like a traitor as we played as her. In reality she knows nothing about Clem or the others and her objective the entire time was to capture the group

  • Well, unless Bonnie redeems herself, I'm gonna keep on hating her.

  • I only like Bonnie because of what she did with Carver's group, I originally had no interest in her character and thought she was boring all around

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