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Should Telltale Stick to Franchises?

posted by HiggsBoson2142 on - last edited - Viewed by 479 users

I will agree. Fables, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and even Borderlands are all cool franchises. They have interesting characters and nice gritty stories for Telltale to work off. But do you think Telltale should stick to these kinds of stories?

So far, and from what I can tell, The Walking Dead Game is and will be the game out of these four stories that relates the least to the source material. As in, Lee and Clementine and Company have never been in the comics or AMC TV Show (Save for Lilly, Herschel, and Glenn). Because of this, the writers for The Walking Dead Game have gotten to do, basically whatever they want in terms of story.

Don't get me wrong. I think Telltale would do great with anything that's handed to them, but would you like to see them take different strides? Would you like to see Telltale create a drama, or a horror, or historical fiction game with little to no source material(And this is still keeping choices as the primary game mechanic)? Just think up the stories entirely by themselves? I think the possibilities what they could do are endless and I've had ideas for different kinds of tales already! What about you?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I think Telltale's take on other franchises is pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind if they did something original every now and again, but I think that they should be fine in the long run as long as they choose a wide variety of source material from other franchises to stick with.

  • Telltale likes games with built-in fan bases. I'm sure they could make a good game from scratch, but there's a risk involved that not enough people would buy it to cover the expense of making it. Maybe someday Telltale will be big and popular enough to make a risk like that worthwhile, but until then, if you want complete originality, look elsewhere.

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    ArthurV Telltale Staff

    We did do the Puzzle Agent series. Also we published 3 episodes of the excellent Hector games.

  • The only reason telltale games work so much is because they are not doing orginial series. TWD wouldn't have sold 20% of what is has if it wasn't an orginial universe.

  • I love Telltale's new(ish) style of games. The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us are amazing, I am assuming GoT and Borderlands are going to use the same type of gameplay. With that being said I think it's fine that Telltale is working with existing franchises as long as they keep going with the accessibility aspect. I mean that the games are standalone enough that you don't have to have prior knowledge of the franchise and that playing telltale's games won't spoil anything from the source material.

    I would also like to see them do something original as well though.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      I like Telltale's new cinematic story games as well. The Wolf Among Us in particular is really good so far and I really enjoyed The Walking Dead (it's still too early to really say on The Walking Dead Season Two since there's only two episodes so far, but if they can expand upon episode 2 in episode 3 like they did with The Wolf Among Us, it can end up being brilliant as well).

      I just hope that they keep up with games in other genres as well. And of course, I'd love to see another adventure game from them too (even if it's developed by another developer, with assistance and publishing by Telltale, such as was the case with Hector).

      Telltale's co-founder Kevin Bruner mentioned that they're still interested in making smaller games like Poker Night, so I really hope they keep that up. I hope their Pilot Program will keep leading to smaller projects like the Poker Night games and the Puzzle Agent games (since I really enjoyed all four of them), as well as continue to be used as a testing board for new game play styles (since The Walking Dead started out as the Pilot Program Zombie Prototype). Maybe their first really original title will come from a Pilot Program prototype. That'd certainly be nice, and was actually the first thing I thought about when the Pilot Program was announced.

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