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Do dialog choices really affect the game?

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I don't usually criticize things, but it seems like whether choosing good or evil dialog choices/actions only changes the scene of the moment and the player statistics at the end.The character's interactions towards Bigby later on doesn't change. For example, torturing the Woodsman in Ep.2 should've made him angry at Bigby in Ep.3. And shoving Jack out of Holly's bar in Ep.2 should've made him more afraid/rude towards Bigby in Ep.3. Maybe I'm just expecting too much, but I'd like to see the "...will remember this" notices have more of a meaning.

  • Obviously while making such a complex game there will be a few inconsistencies that wont be foreseen. But I'm sure they do to some extent.

  • Well,you know when Snow asks you to burn the tree you can either say:the tree has to go;Do you really want to destroy this poor woman's life;Can't she be usefull in any other way?

    Depending on what you say the next dialogue is different and you can even hire Greenleaf

  • Of course they do.

  • I think they do it just sounds like it's not in the way you think they should. It doesn't mean they're inconsistent with the characters.

  • I expect all our early choices to really matter in episode 5.

    This will be the final episode, so it will be much easier for Telltale to implement actual different ways to play the episode.

    At least I hope so, because I'm kinda disappointed too that things I thought would make a big difference didn't seem to matter at all.
    Wether you were a complete bastard to people or the nicest you could, they treat you the same... My worst disappointment is Grendel. I have a playthrough where I ripped Grendel's arm off and one where I didn't, and the interactions with him in ep3 were exactly the same ! If such a huge difference of treatment doesn't matter then nothing will... So I just count on the fact that he was high this time, but I sure hope choices like this particular one to have real consequences in episodes to come. At least in the final.

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