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Why all the hate?

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Seriously, JP The Game must be the most hated Telltale Game ever

And I just don't get it.

Maybe I can't see this in a neutral way, cause I'm a hardcore JP fan, but I actually enjoyed the game very much

The story is great and made me want more, the characters are believable and the Raptors and Rexie are badass as hell and have their original sounds

I also don't see any difference in gameplay to TWD

Ok, your choices don't matter and You don't get to walk around freely, but the rest is good with me

So, were is all this evil hate coming from, because I don't think it sucked that much?

I wouldn't call it a great game, but it's medicore, not totally bad

  • I do not understand either, I have not bought the game but I have seen bits on youtube. It looks amazing!!!!!! I am a big Jurassic Park fan and this is pretty much the only GOOD dinosaur game out there, other than the ones from the 80's!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    The hate comes from a couple places. First of all, I think some of the hate comes from the fact that the game wasn't marketed properly. It was advertised as either an adventure game or as a Heavy Rain style game, but it's really more like a classic arcade quicktime event style game like Dragon's Lair, with a few sections of casual exploration in between. If you know what you're going to get when you play it, and you don't mind quicktime event games, then it's actually a decent game. I personally liked it too.

    The second reason for the hate (especially with users on Metacritic), is that at the time of release, several employees of Telltale Games rated the game with a 10 rating on Metacritic without revealing that they were employees of Telltale. That was blown completely out of proportion in the gaming press, and a lot of Metacritic users just rated it as a 0 out of spite. If you look at the critic review average (as opposed to fan reviews) of the game on Metacritic, you'll see that most professional reviewers actually agreed with you that it was around average to mediocre, but not a bad game.

  • In many ways Jurassic Park is a prototype to games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. It gives us quick time action sequences, dialogue where you can only select one of the several alternatives and combines that with adventure game elements. It isn't as refined as the later games in what it tries to do and I think that many old school TTG fans hated it, because it wasn't traditional a point and click adventure game like Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island.

    I think that part of the old fan base abandoned TTG, because they didn't accept the way the new games are. At least it often feels that you don't see that many old timers anymore in the forums.

  • Quote From Jennifer: "First of all, I think some of the hate comes from the fact that the game wasn't marketed properly. It was advertised as either an adventure game or as a Heavy Rain style game."

    Not true! They told us on their trailer that it was a point and click game with button press events in so that's a bunch of baloney. I think that people expect too much from Telltale and that's why they think that their games suck.

    Basically Telltale Games= Point and click games, not adventure games (Excluding the Walking Dead)

    Also your choices do matter because there is more than one ending to the game, especially if you beat Yoder in the fight with Nima (which is hard as hell!) The only thing I didn't like is that you couldn't get off the island with the Dino embryos, that is the only flaw in this game.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      I think you're confusing the adventure genre with the action adventure genre. A point and click adventure is a game with a point and click interface where the emphasis is on story and puzzles, which would fit most of Telltale's games, but not Jurassic Park (with the exception of the casual exploration sections I mentioned above).

  • Bump. And I think this is nothing compared to the movie but it's nothing close the worst TT game in my opinion.

  • Jurassic Park is my favorite Telltale game by far. I haven't played every single TT game out there, but I've played through all 3 seasons of Sam & Max, the new Monkey Island series, Back To The Future, Puzzle Agent, the entire first season of Walking Dead, and bits and pieces of the Walking Dead 2nd season, The Wolf Among Us, Strongbad, Bones, Hector, Law and Order, and Wallace and Gromit.

    Jurassic Park has by far the strongest and most coherent narrative of them all, I think. I really liked the characters (including Neema!). The father and daughter dynamics were believable and very touching at times, even the "bad" guys were nuanced and not cookie cutters. The dinos were effective as "villains" and the final episode was action packed and engaging.

    I REALLY don't get all the QTE event hate either, because it's basically identical to what we have in the Walking Dead series. To me, adventure games were never about choices or open worlds or sandboxes. It's all about good stories, and a good coherent story is hard to achieve with "open" settings. You have to trust in the "director" of this interactive medium and just enjoy the ride.

  • The only aspect that killed the entire experience for me was the game was not optimized at all for PS3. Lag all over the place, and always at the same crucial life-or-death QTE. Reinstalling or clearing up memory fixed nothing, and Telltale and its support staff swept it under the rug, moving on to other projects instead. I haven't paid for a TTG game since. The experience and lack of communication or respect for the customer were horrid :(

  • hate?

    because it's a broken, buggy mess.

    damned shame, bacause i was really beginning to like the game and get into the story.

    then my character got trapped under a gate and died, again and again, because the game capriciously decided to ignore keyboard input.

    that's ttjp, done.

  • So much possibility fell short of a winner. I will continue to buy, play and support TellTale. I am quite displeased with Jurrasic park. The graphics seems to be on one side trying for the realism and the other comic book. The sharp overlays and auras cause certain scenes to be nauseating. Story was great A+, Character building A+. choose your own adventure C- (most ALL dialogue is forced you just pick the order) Yes I realize it is not tailored to choice. However, very forced. Game control C-. As there seems to be no rhyme or reason for which button you are going to have to push for completion. The need to repeat the scenes until you get the correct combo and timing really takes the joy out of the game. Darn near like writing standards in grade school. For me anyways. As a HUGE Jurassic Park fan , dinosaur enthusiast, and adventure, role playing game fan overall this game earns C- . I was hopping for so much more. Wolf Among us and Walking Dead one and two AMAZING. Keep up the good progress.

  • I don't get it either. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite adventuregames. I don't like the bugs and most specialy they're not being fixed. But the story, characters and atmosphere are great. Nice job, Telltale. But lease patch those bugs.

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