Is the game just getting worse? YES!

edited April 2014 in The Walking Dead

First season passed as good because it was something new for many out there, but season two makes me feel like game developers aren't even trying anymore. Feels more like watching a cartoon than playing a game!

Let players decisions REALLY influence the game even more!
One of many examples. In the end of episode 2 in chapter 12 someone decided that Everyone Have to get Captured, I say F*K THAT!

Sure, player is given choice to surrender so Carver doesn't shoot and kill the doctor OR escape with Clem and find Kenny with a rifle. But both choices eventually led to the very SAME OUTCOME! Its not really a choice then is it!? Game developers are getting lazy instead of stepping up from season one! Have to say I regret paying for the full second season. Don't go now and argue that there are decisions that player does to influence the story because there are just not enough acting opportunities and choices. Let me influence more than just a conversation, I want more choices, more possible outcomes.

Have to add that voice and music editing is good but this other guys are messing up the game.



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