• But both choices eventually led to the very SAME OUTCOME!

    Yeah, so does almost everything in season 1. Season 2 has more branched choices in case you haven't noticed

  • I think that the game keeps the same quality as it did in season 1. The he only problem of being Clementine is that you can't go like a terminator like Lee did in s1 e5 cause she is a (11 year old girl i think) so she can't do the same things that Lee did. That's something that you just have to deal with.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    The Walking Dead Season Two is not the same game as Season One. It's a sequel. thus, a different game. Your argument is now irrelevant.

    Plus Season One's been doing the illusion of choice for a long time. Have you never paid attention to what you were playing?

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    Cluke4Life BANNED

    Don't pay attention to the morons. You're not a troll. If you think the game is getting worse, that's fine because you're entitled to your opinion. I think Season 2 is better than the 1st one but I can see the quality declining now that the worst character in the history of video games has returned. And yes, I'm talking about Kenny.

  • Why the deslikes again ? Is his opinion. If he thinks the game is worst, then let him think.

  • My my my, nemanja_r. You seem to have blasted quite a few butts in this place. I like your style, my friend.

    However, the problem with the choice system is that TT has a limited budget. With games like Mass Effect, Fallout New Vegas etc. you have a MASSIVE budget and not only that, you have side-quests a-plenty that give you more of an illusion of your choices having an impact on the ending or the world as a whole. Telltale doesn't have that luxury.

    The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, they're a graphically advanced version of a Japanese Visual Novel. But a Visual Novel has more choices and more endings precisely because of its graphically limited nature. Take Katawa Shoujo (one of the more popular VNs out there) for an example. Six girls and each has two endings, and you get one ending for yourself if you chose to pursue none of them.

    Telltale gives us one ending because of limitations, but the ride itself is good.

    Now, the second season of Walking Dead is of lesser quality, because it's just an on rails game more than anything. You spend most of your time during cutscenes that ask you to say something (and you don't even have to choose anything - you can play the entire game not picking dialogues) and some action sequences, but very little times does the game allow you to explore at your own lesure. Something you could do in Season 1 plenty of times. This sucks big hairy mammoth bollocks if I do say so myself.

    Speak the truth, nemanja_r! You shall have my keyboard by your side!

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  • in the words of hershel greene - "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE".

    On a serious note though i just don't get your argument. You're annoyed because no matter what the story ends the same way?? - NO SHIT - so it's no different from hundreds of other games. Not many games give you choices/varied options and when they do - it's not usually done well. The walking dead is still a good game, the choices are ment more of a moral thing to make you feel like your making a difference...and if you think about some situations in life would end up that way anyway, you make a choice, end up with survivors guilt but if you could go back and change your decision it probably would have ended up in a similar way anyway.

  • I actually like both of the seasons, I just kind of miss Lee and Clem together...

  • actually choices in this game affect the outcome more then season 1 altough i still think season 1 is better at least so far season 2 has more consequences since 2 carachters can live or die depending on your choices

  • I'd be suprised if someone agrees with this thread.

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