• Faith and Bloody Mary is not In it what I have heard atleast.

  • Mr Toad has a passing mention in the comics, TJ is not in at all. The Tweedles are not in the comics. As Davidsanden27 said, Bloody Mary and Faith are nowhere to be seen. Nerissa is not named, but there is a mermaid in 1001 Nights of Snowfall, although the mermaid in question is stuck in a smallish lake at The Farm and does not have a glamor to grow legs. The Crooked Man is unique to the game, whoever he is... Georgie Porgie, Clever Hans and most of the cast of characters from the Pudding and Pie are unique to the game. Prince Lawrence is unique to the game too.

    Bloody Mary bears something of a resemblance to Dorothy Gale, who gets a run in Cinderella: Fables are Forever spinoff. And Dorothy is a nutter in the comic too!

    Locations unique to the game include the Pudding and Pie, the Tweedle's Offices, Toad's tenement building, Prince Lawrence's apartment, the Trip Trap Bar (and a lot of its occupants) are unique, Holly, Grendel, Lily are all unique by name to the game. Trolls do exist, but not mentioned by name. The only named Troll is Grimble, the security guard at The Woodlands.

    The Witch you may meet in Episode Three, Greenleaf, is not in the comics by name (and nor is her house), but may be in the background in 13th floor pictures in the comics.

    Hope this provides you with what you wanted. Curious to know what your theories are regarding whodunnit!

  • The Woodsman is mentioned in the comics and shown briefly in a one panel flashback of The Homelands. But he is never seen in Fabletown.

  • Toad dies in the war. However it doesn't mean it's the same Toad, like Toad Senior can still die in the game and get replaced by his son

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