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"I feel like Luke and Nick should sing this" thread

posted by Azlyn on - Viewed by 9.5K users

Okay, so, i'm not the only one that wants Luke to sing something. Yeah, but i want both Luke and Nick to sing this song for some reason, lemme just put it up here...

I can actually imagine them singing this. I think they would sound pretty kewl. And, i mean, the song is so beautiful! And it HAS to do with the apocalypse, right? Maybe someone got bit and they are just depressed and they spontaneously pull out some guitars out of their assholes and sing! Lee pulled out many things from his asshole in season 1.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No, seriously, though, it would be touching for them to sing it, in my opinion. And maybe Telltale can actually pull something like, if you saved Nick, you get this guitar scene, and if not, you don't get it. Or, maybe, if you did not save Nick, Luke sings this or something else, i dunno, and is all depressed and shit. Because Luke WILL come back.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Do you have any particular song you wish Luke or Nick or both to sing? Or don't you want them t sing at all?

Oh, and, yeah, let's just not talk about where they get their guitars from, because i have no idea. Hey, i only want them to sing it!

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