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What do people want from episode 3?

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With Episode 3 possibly three to four weeks away I decided I would pose a question to the community. What do you all want from episode 3? All I keep hearing is a return of hub area's, but that cant be everything people want. What about the return of Christa, More call backs of Lee's lessons to Clem. Or more control over outcomes, possibly the return of another character from season 1?

Now this is a very open ended question, and I know how much you guys LOVE open ended questions (sarcasm) But this is something that interests me and I would like to find out what other people think :)

  • I would like a 3 way choice like in TWAU Episode 3. It gives me more play time

  • I look forward to deep character development that makes us think twice about who we side with.

  • I want the determinant characters to last through at least the majority of the episode and to get a sense of closure to their character arcs before they're gone. With Alvin I feel like there's so much more to say, and Nick's character arc just isn't complete to me.

    Also I want to see Christa and some more of the 400 Days gang.

  • Tough one. Maybe hubs. Cus nobody talks about those ;)

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    If Rebecca goes into labour i would like to have the opportunity to talk to her about Christa's baby so we can find out what happened to it.

  • I think that there shouldn't be more reappearances, except the 400 Days cast. It would ruin the charm of it. And it also would be kinda stupid. Did all the characters sudenlly say: Damn, I shold totally go to Virginia.

  • 400 days cast appearance is determinant on 400 days

    Nick and Alvin dont just die randomly like Ben.

    • I wouldn't say Ben died randomly. If you let him live, it is pretty much the best ending to Kenny's season 1 character by far, so it has a lot of importance to the story.

      Well, if you mean randomly as in actually randomly and not just a bad death scene, then yeah....he got unlucky and the balcony randomly broke. D:

  • What I need Hub areas, Puzzles that's it all I want just more gameplay please telltale and decent length

    • Hub areas, because they extend the ep's length and give us time to get to know the new group better, among other things.

    • MOAR story variables, if possible. If S1 got criticisms of something, it was the overall importance of choices. TT seems to be incorporating branching storylines to a certain degree, and I'm curious to see how far they can actually go with it.

    • Clementine's interactions with members of that community, and Carver, that's bound to be great. Put her loyalties, her trust, morals etc in doubt to see how they hold up. It must be also noted that this is the first community shown in the game, so let's see how they handle that.

    • Dem impossible choices. We've got some good choices overall, and kudos for making one of the toughest ones not really a life-or-death situation, but it's time to up the ante and really put our protagonist to the test.

    • Character consistency and the impact of the "social choices". Ok, you can't be friends with everyone. If someone kind of dislikes you or you've done something to potentially piss them off (like threatening to spill the beans on the paternity of a certain baby), it has to show. Don't worry Ken, we know that's not going to be a problem with you. :P

    • Well integrated puzzles, if there are any at all. I can live without these, but if you're going to include them, don't make your cast of adults look like a bunch of idiots! There are good ways of justifying the solving of puzzles.

    • Clementine's role playing options. As much as I may enjoy the "badass" (I hate using that word to describe her), more mature side of Clem, some milder responses that mirror more of her past self are not unwelcome. I'm not asking her to remain 8 year old Clementine, but for more options on how to approach her character and responses.

    -March 21st

    EDIT: Quoting is a bitch on this forum.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      All of these, primarily hubs and more roleplaying moments.

    • I don't understand why so many people are complaining about Clementine not having any 'nice' options. You can play her as the sweet innocent little girl if you want, there's plenty of options for it. Not wanting to leave Pete behind, giving Nick therapy(lol), befriending Sarah, not telling Rebecca to fuck off even though she completely deserves it, agreeing with Walter that things can get better, etc. There's quite a lot of options to be nice, in fact nearly every dialogue choice has something 'nice'. She just doesn't act childish about niceness any more.

    • I think this about covers it. Pretty much everything I want to say has been said in this post. :P

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