• It's indirectly Clem's fault.
    It's indirectly Stranger's fault.

  • It is partly (largely) her fault yes. Though I don't think she can/should be held accountable.

    She didn't want rescued from the group, she just told the stranger the events that had happened and he came to the conclusion she needed rescuing. She left to find her parents, not to get away from the group.

  • We have had similar threads to this one, I don't see it as Clem's fault. Lee was careless when going for the walki-talki imo

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    We've already discussed this before many times.

    In my opinion, the one who's directly at fault for Lee's death is Lee himself, because he was the one who put himself in unnecasary danger. Zombies are just mindless creatures, so they can't be blamed for nothing and Clementine never had the intention to cause Lee any harm, so she can't be blamed either.

    • Yeah but just because she didn't mean it to happen doesn't mean it's not her fault (if that's the case then it wasn't bens fault for getting Katjaa and duck killed he didn't mean to cause their deaths but he still did)
      It's true that lee was being careless but that situation stil wouldn't have happened if she didn't run away
      In the end it was a mistake that indirectly led to lees death where both were at fault

  • No one is at fault. It's just a lot of coincidence. If Lee had waited a few seconds to pick up that walky talky he wouldn't have been bitten, if he'd acted sooner, he wouldn't have been bitten. It's not a fault thing, it's just all chance.

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    NOT CLEM FAULT. Clem is only a child looking for her parents they lied to her so she got desperate and took a chance the group and Lee should kept an eye on her if they ever paid enough attention they would notice she was talking to someone. The groups let her down as immature and illogical child should of not of let her leave without noticing especially day before they leave. So sorry she blames herself not her fault was failure of the group they let her down

  • Well it's partly her fault for running off when Lee said they cannot look for her parents, but Clementine says it's her fault in season 2.

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