• thank you for posting this! she is definitely involved in this.

  • I like it. I realized Crane mentioned her and she was smoking Cigarette but didn't think about the rest. I still Wonder what fable is she?

  • I'd noticed some of the above, but you put it together nice and succinctly. I think this has a decent shot of being the case.

    I've said in other threads, Vivian is kind of the Butler of this particular murder mystery. She seems one thing at first but all her actions are open to be interpreted in a different way once we know the truth.

  • Very nicely observed. With the Tweedles and Bloody Mary running around for the Crooked Man and Crane causing trouble, it's easy to forget that the actual murder victims were two prostitutes from the same environment and that Vivian had perfect access to both and is also the most likely to know how to best take advantage of those silencing spells on the girls' ribbons. And with an utter douche like Georgie with connections to the Crooked Man managing the club itself, nobody is likely to pay any attention to her personally...

    Any ideas as to her motive? Her card at Lily's funeral would imply that she felt she was doing them a favor, setting them free from leading "tedious lives" and "dying from indifference". Perhaps she's a fanatic in Fabletown's class war? I can't think of a better way to draw attention to the government's disinterest in the poor than by framing the universally hated Director of Operations for murdering prostitutes while exposing his genuine perversion at the exact time the local mafia runs out of patience with him and naps him up, theoretically preventing him from ever proving his innocence.

    • Don't forget she's a Fable. She must be from a story, but her character card was very elusive regarding details about her past. Chances are her motive, if she's the killer, is also tied up in her background.

  • The only story I can think of that includes a woman named Vivian is actually Pretty Woman. Funnily enough, the story is often regarded as a fairytale and the character of Vivian is a prostitute too. I can't see it being based off Pretty Woman, I can't see TellTale doing that somehow... It's an idea though. A few others have raised other possible Fables that she could be from, but unfortunately I can't remember the name...

    Either way, I think she is definitely suspicious. I kind of thought so from the moment Bigby met her in Ep.2...

    I guess we will (hopefully) find out her involvement eventually!

  • I noticed the card (on a second playthrough) but I was immediately suspicious of the way she kept insisting that Crane was the killer at the Pudding and Pie. She was outright insisting that it could be no one else, it felt like. She's currently my prime suspect. I don't think BM and the Crooken Man are involved, directly at least.

  • Oh that's an interesting theory. I hadn't actually connected the cigerette Vivian was smoking to the Georgie's Huff and Puff machine/Open Arms hotel room. I'm usually good at picking up on things like that. xD I knew the Tweedles and Crane were more involved than they were letting on but I never suspected them or anyone else as the killer yet. Vivan just seems nice to me though but your theory does make ALOT of sense... and at this stage she is more of a background character so you could be onto something. Hmmm... I guess I want to believe it's more to do with Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man though (or a character still not yet seen) because they are definitely involved!

    Onto Nerissa though, I don't believe she is guilty of anything though. Well... she might know something but be sworn to secrecy because of the ribbon spell but I believe if she could tell us, she would so I don't believe she's involved. She seems too nice and innocent for that. She helped us by giving us the key to 204 and I don't think her reaction to what Bigby tells her about 207 is strange. She knew Lily had been murdered and that she was last seen in 207 - Cranes room. It doesn't take much to figure out that's where it happened. She also see's what happens at the end of episode 3 and is seen coming to see Bigy in the next episode. I do believe she knows she's in danger. . If you read the fable entries it says Georgie took a liking to Vivian and that's why she the hostess but clearly we know from episode 2, he's not too fond of Nerissa... and two of her colleagues (both of which appear to be good friends judging by the photo from Lilys things) are dead...

    I do have to ask though... if Georgie's a pimp how come we've only seen Faith, Nerissa & Vivian (we never actually met Lily)? Surely there's more than 4 girls and they might know something? He's not very good at his job if the only girls he's got keep getting murdered...

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    I see a lot of my conclusions here. Glad I could help but don't be surprised if this won't happen. TTG is watching and changing the story.

    My hypothesis for today. Vivian helped the killer; P&P client. Her words: "...we cater to the "diverse tastes" of the Fable community. Your pleasure is our pleasure. Your desires are our disires. Your imagination is the menu and discretion is our guarantee."

    Nerissa, Faith and Lily were friends. You don't see Vivian in the photo. Maybe she was taking it or maybe her absence means something.

  • I've definitely noticed that almost everybody isn't who they seem. Not to mention, Aunty Greenleaf's message: "You really have no idea what's going on do you?" She seemed kind of mocking, and it makes me think that a lot of Fables, both out and inside the Woodlands, know what is going on. And then there's this whole Bloody Mary thing. A lot of people are confused as to why she didn't kill Bigby, and the answer is really simple: The Crooked Man told her not to. Why the Crooked Man did that, I don't know, but it's clear he's the one with the real authority. People with as much power to control a maniac like Bloody Mary are going to be relatively well-known, and probably feared by lesser Fables. Not to mention, the spell on Georgie's girls. Vivian's definitely more involved in this case than most, but it seems as if everyone is one way or another.

  • Cheers for this, I completely forgot the girl that snow called was vivian.

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