They're Not Bad People!

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The Tweedledees (or as I like to call them TweedleDipshits) aren't bad, they're just stupid and greedy. They only work with Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man because they want money. They will get turned on by their bosses and will possibly join Bigby, but only if you didn't kill Tweedledum. I believe they will probably be very useful later on. Even Flycatcher said they weren't bad. I mean they're also pretty stupid as shown by the letters they mailed each other. So they will get betrayed. So in the end I feel they will be very useful, and they're not bad people they've just been put in with the bad people because to them, Bibby's the bad guy, he's stopping them from getting paid.


  • Okay.So this is just my opinion:I don't personally like theTwedledees.Even if they were hired.They're just causing truble.And yeah,maybe they helped Flycathcher,but he's just one man.If the Croocked man told them to kill him they'd do it.And seriosly:how can you come at the funeral armed with the goal to kill someone.And they said Lilly was a dead whore(in my choices).When I heared that I said "F*** you mother*******,I'm gonna kill you.".But I choose not to kill Tweedledum only because i respected Bigby's oath not to kill anyone.

  • The moment they shot me, i never once considered letting them live. It took away all the standing they had with me, which wasnt much.

  • I wanted to be neutral with them in the beginning, but since i chose to interrogate Dee, i quickly found myself hating those two. They interfere with my investigation, withholds evidence that could help my case, and they knocked me out. They assaulted the sheriff. I was certain i had to do something about them, and when they shot at me, Holly and Gren i snapped. They had to go. Even though they didn't fire silver bullets (no intend to kill me) they could've killed the others, had they been better shots. I'm in charge of keeping the entire community safe, and those two were endangering everyone really.

  • I wouldn't say stupid as much as I would say eccentric, the letter-sending thing to me seemed like more of a quirk than idiocy. Also, I find it extraordinarily disrespectful of them to interrupt a funeral just to make a deal with Bigby when they easily could've waited 5 minutes for it to finish. They aren't nice guys.

    Anyways, I think they despise Bigby too much at this point for them to even consider siding with him.

  • They're not necessarily evil, just neutral, and self-interested. They're also assholes. There was no need for Dee to insult Lily at her own funeral, and that really put paid to his so-called professionalism.

    I don't think they deserve to die, but they certainly deserve to be locked up, or given hard labour on the Farm.

  • Sorry but your logic is terrible. They are pretty much goons for hire which makes them bad the fact that they are willing to kill for money is proof of that and no amount of money is worth a human life. I mean when a mob boss hires a guy to go and raffle people up and collect his "protection money" (Extortion) and do other things like that should we just let the guy getting paid off because he's only getting paid? No he should go to jail with the mob boss.

  • "It's just a dead whore." Yeah, no I'm pretty sure they're a couple of pricks. Stupid and greedy is how I would describe Jack. The Tweedles are willing to maim and kill other Fables to get what they want. That makes them bad guys. I only spared Dee because I didn't want to be the one to kill him. He deserved to die.

  • Agreed. Take my like and send the Tweedles to the farm. It'll be better for everyone and they might (MIGHT being the keyword) learn some respect.

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    They're not necessarily evil, just neutral, and self-interested. They're also assholes. There was no need for Dee to insult Lily a

  • TJ.
    Threatening to kill a child. They are will to kill to get what they want.
    They are bad, that's it.

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