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If TV shows can deliver their programming on time..why can't tell tale?

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Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. They never say soon..or need more time for a vague reason. I mean seriously. We are almost in the middle of the year, and ALMOST halfway through the series. Yes, within two months or less we will get ep3.

We will be six months into the year and only 3 episodes done..seriously tell tale, your going go bankrupt. If this is how you manage a company maybe EA should take over to show you how its done..

  • Because TV shows don't make every episode after the last one has aired.

  • Your right I want a half finished piece of crap...

  • You just can't compare tv shows with games, it's just.... no.... don't.

    They are two completely separate things, tv shows don't have programmings and bugs and shit to fix like games do. and they aren't even the same lenghts!. tv shows are maybe 50 minutes long, and the telltale games are like atleast 100 long.

  • Actualy, they are on schedule. Their FAQ says something else, but we know from experience that every episode takes roughly two months, it was the same in S1. We will probably get ep 3 in 2-3 weeks, which is 2 months after ep 2. The only time when they weren't on schedule was with TWAU ep 2.

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    Because TTG knows that they won't lose customers even if they don't deliver in time.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Seriously? Because the show is already completed before it airs. The games are not. They're made while listening to user feedback in mind to improve episodes.

    Doesn't hurt to mention that they're working on TWO major projects right now.

    And don't even think that Telltale are anything like EA, you're just impatient and brash right now because of it. Just stay quiet and be patient, if you're going to insult them for not having episodes more often you really have no right to play them if you're going to insult the developers.

    Plus they're far from bankrupt, they're wealthier now than they've EVER been before. Having been a fan of them even before most of you people heard of them I can assure you, they won't go bankrupt.

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    BenPaul BANNED

    If you think 2 months is a long wait between chapters then i'm glad you didn't play The Monkey Island series in the 90's were you have to wait years between chapters.

  • The shows that you mentioned make the episode roughly 2-7 months ahead of time. Plus, it's a game. Sure the walking dead show adds graphics (which aren't even that good) but the entire walking dead game is purely graphics and sounds.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Although I'm only a volunteer mod and not from Telltale, I think I can explain.

    Firstly, unlike a lot of TV Series, Telltale takes fan feedback from a previous episode and incorporates it into the next episode sooner than a TV show could.

    Secondly, with Telltale's new choice based gameplay, they have to spend longer amounts of time writing episodes to account for variations of dialogue. I offhandedly recall hearing Sean Vanaman (who worked on Walking Dead Season 1) state that a script for an individual episode of the game was the length of two typical movie scripts. Yes, I know some choices may not be as big as they seem, but I imagine that would not negate the need for Telltale to adjust dialogue from player choices.

    Thirdly, unlike television shows, Telltale has more to account for since they design games. Television shows and movies exceed production qualities of a typical Telltale episode in some ways due to a larger budget and more time to work on them, but nevertheless Telltale has to account for all the regulations that designing a game brings (such as sending episodes for approval to Microsoft/Sony/Apple/Steam/etc.)

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