Back on track.

I am absolutely chuffed with EP3! There were no technical hiccups, even in the 'Previously' and 'Next Time' segments, but most importantly it felt confident and meaningful, which I think EP2 lacked. All my doubts have been put to rest with this episode. I'm probably a little late with this thread, relieved. The wait for EP4 will not be easy for me.


  • There is one thing to keep me sane

    Episode will come out soon.

  • I agree. It seems that Episode 2's delay was a season-wide issue (most likely a rewrite of the overall plot), and now Telltale know what they're doing and are executing it with confidence.

  • The sad thing is that Ep. 2 and 3 feel completely different to me than Ep. 1. :/
    Back then we had some nice meaningful dialogue options, puzzle solving, items to collect, fleshed out characters (Toad!) that had a purpose in Fabletown. Bigby was a proper detective and all - now they're just focusing solely on action, a must have super epic cutscene at the end - and the killer him/herself.

    I think that the moment they've changed the storyline it became a new game of its own, maybe in the future they'll tell us what exactly happened during Episode 2 production and how they originally envisioned this season

  • In my opinion, I don't think they were ever off track.

    Smoke and Mirrors was fantastic in my eyes, full of twist and turns. It was a stellar, short and sweet episode in my eyes.
    But A Crooked Mile definitely is superior in every way possible.
    I'm expecting only but amazement when In Sheep's Clothing releases.

  • You don't think Bigby has been doing detective work in eps 2 and 3?

  • Completely agree. Ep 3 was an improvement but I thought ep 2 was really good too. Opinions vary I guess lol

  • Just honestly how much input does the player really have in latest episodes? Even QTE's consist of 4-5 actions when in the first one they were really long and thrilling (fight with the Woodsman or Gren, chasing Tweedle etc.)
    Also now you don't even get to really explore the locations, more like hover your cursor over this one and only option on the screen and click it - "thank you for advancing the storyline player". It's just choosing dialogue options now and watching TV series.

    It greatly reminds me of a let down that Beyond: Two Souls was compared to the Heavy Rain. Episodes 2,3 and 1 feel to me exactly like those games respectively.

  • Ep 3 was outstandingly better than the previous one no doubt about it. Maybe even on par with the first one in some ways.
    I won't try to lie to myself because the second one was just horrible. Felt uncomplete and unpolished.

    Look at The Walking Dead Season 1 or 2, that's how you make Episode 2 :D

  • Well, I didn't think so but again opinions vary.

  • I agree with you on that.. when i was walking around the strip club in episode 2 looking at everything and not breaking anything and he's still like "come on don't break that.." its like uhhh I'm not fucking breaking it. Or even in episode 3 when i talked to bufkin and he told me about the witch then when you find that book and he mentions the witch they all look at bufkin like dafuk and he's says "No one asked me." But I DID ASK YOU WTF

  • I didn't want to create a new thread to say this and it might be off-topic (though it's to do with episode 3 being quite cool), so I guess you have the luxury of me posting what I wanted here:

    Anyways, I did another quick playthrough the other day. What I noticed is that the place you choose to go to first can change chapter 4's name. In addition, where you go first can determine what choices you see when you view the 'choices' screen. So, it's looking like they've started changing chapters you view. So, if you never replay and compare chapter names, you wouldn't know the differences. Just like if you don't replay, you won't know the full range of choices available.

    I'm hoping it's a sign of things going forward, even if the choices still lead you down the same path. It's what I, and I assume others, really want. Different paths. Still, if it isn't, the story's still enjoyable and I'm glad to have at least a bit of choice even if it doesn't change much.

    Hopefully this makes sense. If not, I'll try to explain a bit better. But yeah, just try having two playthroughs. One where you visit Crane's place first and one where you visit the Tweedle's office first. Complete those scenes to the end, view your choices and the chapter screen for each save file and you'll see what I mean.

  • Yeah, I've come around to your way of thinking after a replay of Ep2, it's really fantastic. It just wasn't 'Faith' though!
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