• That's a good theory, but I have to disagree with you in one thing; Bigby is the sheriff of fabletown and he killed tweedle dum in self-defence. It's different than some psychopath cutting people's heads off. Finding the murderer is the main plot in this game.

    • I see where you're coming from but here's my counter argument, Bigby is pretty unstoppable when under Wolf mode, and killing Dum seems like an act of ruthlessness against someone who is not much of a threat. And as Snow says, "You kind of enjoy it... when things go wrong. Because it give you an excuse to... you know... stop pretending?" I have a feeling she knows that Bigby has some dark urges that are influenced by his past.

      I still do, however, strongly disagree that finding the murderer is an entegral plot anymore. I feel like it is more of a sub-plot at present. There are simply too many blatant suspects to blame for murder that if TTG were to focus on, it would lead to some dull episodes. As seen at the end of episode 3, Bloody Mary is a hair's thickness away from chopping Bigby's head from his body. And if she had chopped his head off, what then? There are two murderers? It would be far too complicated. And with 2 episodes left, if the murderer is someone of greater calibur than Bloody Mary or any of the other suspects, it would feel drawn out and seem out of place from a story telling point of view. Any thoughts?

      • I see your point too but here comes my counter arguement; Even if Bloody mary would have chopped bigby's head off, it's still different because then everyone would know who killed Bigby and they would have just arrested her at some point. No one knows who the murderer is so we still have to stop him\her even if every fable starts to kill each other. Every criminal shall be stopped and taken behind the bars.

        There might be some grammar mistakes n my text so sorry about them.

        • I agree that every criminal needs to face justice but I am about 90% sure the killer is Bloody Mary and the mastermind behind everything is the Crooked Man. However, I thought because of her arrogance, she would have boasted that she definitely is the killer in the heat of the moment but she didn't, which is strange. I might be wrong and the murderer could be much worse than she is, possibly. And no problems man, I make grammatical errors all the time.

  • I guess its possible, but I still have some doubts. Was someone watching Faith for awhile to kill her that quickly? Remember when Bigby asked the mirror to find Woody, Faith was already dead. So that does not matter.

    • This is a pretty wild theory and most definitely farfetched but I'm thinking that Bloody Mary teleported to Faith via here little compact makeup mirror. In the Book of Fables entry it states that she has a 'strange ability to use any reflective surface as a portal, effectively short-cutting space and time'. This way, Bloody Mary probably carried out her murder and took the picture from Faith that the Crooked man was after. The same reason is what possibly led to Crane destroying the Magic Mirror: to not be found by Bloody Mary. However, I won't ignore the fact that there is an abundance of reflective surfaces throughout the world virtually EVERYWHERE! Thus rendering Bloody Mary pretty overpowered. Thoughts?

  • That didnt look like the Woodsman's axe to me. I thought his axe was more ornate.

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    I thought one of the Tweedles took the axe when they were looking around his apartment.

    • A good point and I thought about it for a while but the fact that the Woodsman or any of the characters never mention that his axe is missing led me to think that he'd departed with it willingly. Also, one of the Tweedles even threatened Toad in order to get something he was after but to no avail.

  • Murders are a big deal in Fabletown, a very big deal. They dont happen very often and they are severely punished. We havent yet seen the repercussions of what Bigby did to the Tweedle so we cant judge just yet.

    • It would be AWESOME if Detective Brannigan came after Bigby in ep.4 after finding Tweedle Dum's body which leads to Bigby getting tracked down by multiple police officers getting him cornered and him WOLFING OUT in the end of ep.5 similar to An American Werewolf in London!!

      • Well, I think it's safe to say that's not going to happen, lol. Whatever investigation is going to be internal. They might bring King Cole back for this.

        • Yeah it would be goofy if that happened. I don't really have much hope for King Cole if he returns. In the comics, minor spoilers he's shown to be pretty useless and out of touch with the community.

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