Something no one Noticed

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When Bloody Mary enters her car, you can see a glimpse of the driver. Remember him? Doubt it. You see him during episode one. That's all I got to say, when you find him, comment what you have to say about this.


  • I saw that too, after playing the game I went back and watched a few videos of that scene before noticing him. He's Tiny Tim, right?

  • Hmm I think everyone noticed him...:)

  • I have no theory's about it, thought it would something interesting to talk about.

  • They probably noticed the driver but they probably didn't know it was a guy during episode 1, which most people never remembered.

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    Hmm I think everyone noticed him...:)

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    There has already been 3 threads about the driver (Tiny tim) so you are little late.

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