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Why does Bigby always get chewed out by fables

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Being aggressive is Bigby's job. I didn't read comics but he doesn't hit weak ones like women and children(so far), and he never hurt Snow.

Being aggressive to scumbags like george, bluebeard, woody, dum and dee, that really a problem?
and not looking for holy's sister was Snow's fault. She does the paper works, decides which task should be done, so, Bigby is not to be blamed.

Snow always makes it clear that she is not happy with Bigby's violent nature, but other fables are not much saints either, they shot Bigby, attacked him nearly to death, swung ax at him, beat him, and many of them are selfish jerks who don't deserve much respect. (cold-hearted pimp, thief, liar, slacker, rich sociopath, etc,.)

Bigby SHOULD be a bit violent to control this shabby fable town. What's he gonna do when woody jump on him with bloody ax? quickly dodge and say 'thx for your cooperation.'?

Why can't I kill d*** after he shot me about dozen times? Why not? They tried to kill Bigby.

  • Bigby has an extremely bad reputation that he is trying to overcome. Thats why Snow comes down on him. She brought him to the community and she knows that because of his past most Fables are afraid of him. If they feel like they cant trust him, the sheriff, they wont come to him for help.

  • Think about this: before leaving the Homelands, Bigby was a scourge. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, most of whom he ate to feed his voracious appetite. Granted, he was an animal and was following his instincts, but he was still effectively a giant, terrifying monster.

    Since coming to the Mundy world, and especially since coming to Fabletown, Bigby has been living as a human and has changed his ways, but it's not surprising that the Fables who still remember the Big Bad Wolf would be hesitant to trust him. He's not banned from the Farm by constitutional decree for nothing.

    Also, most of the Fables we're dealing with in TWAU are the disenfranchised lower classes, who would probably be suspicious of any law enforcement or government figure, even if it weren't an ex-monster.

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