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Zombie Theories?

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I always like the thought that an infection or a virus brought mankind to it's knees, but I've been hearing rumors that it may be related to aliens. Is that true? I think the alien idea is kind of stupid, but are there any other theories?
EDIT: Yes, I do believe in aliens, but the story line to The Walking Dead would seem pretty stupid if aliens got involved.

  • Actually, aliens would make a lot of sense. Aliens have been involved in a lot of major human events, including, possibly, the advent of civilization. Just watch the following:

    It's on the History Channel so it has to be true. We also know that aliens are largely responsible for ruining Mel Gibson's career. It would make perfect sense if they were subsequently responsible for the zombie apocalypse. Didn't you ever see the documentary on it by Ed Wood?

    Either that or it's a running joke.

    Sorry for being an ass, I'm just in a really sarcastic mood.

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      CannibalCarl BANNED

      Aliens do exist, they are just very far away and wouldn't spend decades to travel to earth, even with near-lightspeed ships.

      • I agree, it's pretty much statistically impossible that aliens not exist. I was just ripping on the idea they affected Earth in any way.

      • This. I too think we're absolutely not alone in the Universe. Not to speak of the Parts which are outside of our Zone we can 'watch' and argue about. But who can say if they are able to fly through Space in general? Are they smarter than us or even more underdeveloped? Good debating Point for that very Matter is following: Could you really see a Predator, which is plump and savage in appearance, maneuvering in those highly evolved Ships through Space and Time? Well i don't.

    • I do believe in aliens, and the history channel isn't always true, they had a special on the world ending in 2012. I'm just saying, for this kind of idea, a zombie apocalypse, I'd prefer a super-virus over a flying saucer.

  • I always like the thought that an infection or a virus brought mankind to it's knees

    You are a bad person.

    • How does that make me a bad person? I'm just being logical. Humanity is high up on the food chain, but not on top. We are the prey of bacteria and infections. And besides, if we got wiped out by aliens, a meteor, or nuclear war, do you know how stupid we'd look? I'd rather us go out fighting a virus, rather ourselves or aliens.

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        CannibalCarl BANNED

        Virii/Bacteria aren't even competing in the food chain, they are simply parasites and some of them just adapted themselves to be useful to other organisms.

        • Well, actually that's a matter of scientific debate. Parasites and predators could be one and the same. Yes, some of them are helpful to some species, just like many predators in the wild. The fox helps plants by consuming rabbits, but that doesn't exclude them from what they are: predators. Fungi; another good suggestion for the start of the apocalypse, actually has potential of killing the host and using it's corpse as a food supply to create more fungi.

  • When people think of aliens they think of these green martians, am i the only one who believes that we are the only race and theres just more of us on different planets

    • Actually aliens skin are gray.

      It's pretty unlikely that there's exact same evolution in somewhere, our existence in lies on pure luck

      Evolution doesn't work right that, there isn't just one mold.

    • Evolution changes us based on the environment. So, a planet that's closer to a star probably would have aliens that are more heat resistant, while aliens that are further away from a star are more resilient to the cold. So, they probably don't look like us, but if your theory were true, that'd be pretty cool.

    • That's very doubtful. For a species to evolve to look exactly like us they would need to have everything I their environment be exactly like ours. And even then we haven't been around very long, so for it to be then they would somehow need to be in the exact same evolutionary pose as we are. So I'd have to say no, probably not. It's more plausible that they don't even function nearly the way we do. We find "Earth like" planets that we view as a possible habitat for life, when in reality it's more likely that a planet which has life on it just has different rules for the ability to sustain life. An example would be a non carbon based life form.

  • If I'm correct there have been vast arrays of amino acids discovered to be transported on asteroids that have entered earth's atmosphere and landed on earth in tact. It theoretically a possibility that an asteroid transported a virus or a genetic code variation that would transform a current virus into another, potentially more dangerous, virus. Likely, though, a world ending virus would be 1. Man made in a lab or 2. A quickly evolving natural virus which gets a "head up" on us.

  • What origins of the virus haven't see any of the comics but makes seems from alien point of view only threat on earth is humans with nukes and weapons so can kill them all off without affecting the animals for food perfect plan surely there only race advanced enough to create such a virus.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that maybe aliens are just humans from the future coming back to see and observe the past. It would make sense with their amazing technological advances

    • That would explain why we haven't discovered ourselves discovering time travel via the time travelers appearance. Since time travel is more of a problem of ability vs it being supernatural.

      I love these weird ideas :p

    • This post is a little misleading. The article you link to says he lied about there being an intention to include aliens in order to get the book published. He never intended for there to be aliens.

  • There have been absolutely no hints in any medium so far. I don't know who told you there is an alien theory but they're just making that up. All you could possibly get in response to this thread is wild speculation.

    • That's what I'm looking for. Give me a wild speculation.

      • Ok, well here's what we know:

        1. Everyone who dies comes back.
        2. Destroying the brain kills them
        3. Whatever it is, it also stops the bodies from rotting away (mentioned by Robert Kirkman but not canonized in an actual issue yet as far as I remember)
        4. Some of the zombies appear to be getting significantly weaker
        5. Some of the zombies tend to walk around endlessly (roamers) while others tend to remain dormant until "awakened" by some stimuli (lurkers)
        6. The zombies still possess the ability to hear, see, and smell. We don't know about taste or touch although they certainly don't seem able to feel pain.
        7. The zombies have an insatiable desire to devour flesh, especially human flesh but sometimes animal flesh.

        The most plausible explanation to me is some sort of parasite. How everyone in the world got infected with this so quickly though is the biggest drawback to this theory. However, otherwise it seems to make sense. It wants to keep the host alive but kill off its ability to think for itself so that it can have complete control of the host. It uses the primitive senses like hearing, and smell, but kills off the rest of the brain. It probably resides in the brain stem. It would certainly want to prevent its host from rotting away as well but it doesn't do a perfect job at this obviously so it is constantly searching for more flesh for sustenance. The ones that are getting weaker may simply have been unable to feed for a period of time and have begun breaking down the host as food.

        Maybe something like this:

        but it's just a wild guess.

  • It's a bacteria,I think.There';s a bacteria called "prion" and that bacteria kills all the living cells in the human brain.If there were to be the chance of that bacteria mutating it could somehow reanimate the corpse if the prion inside the brain makes the cells work again.Therefore some senses will mutate and work better(ex:hearing,sense of smell,seeing-blindness)

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