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Dream scene

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Hello everybody! :)
I think one scene that should be in the new episode is Clem is dreaming and then She see Lee and you share a nice moment with him and then you turn around and then when you look back at him he is either a Zombie if you left him, or he is a corpse with a bullet in the head. It would bring shock value.
The original idea was by Dave Fennoy aka Lee, but i thought it would be cool that he would be either a zombie or a corpse

EDIT: Maybe if you in season 2 have chosen to blame yourself for lees death then maybe it could be like this, but if not then you will just get a chance to see him for what he was and not what he have become

  • Oh, I don't know if I could handle that man. I mean it's a good idea, but a sad one. It would definitely make sense though, as she does almost blame herself for Lee's death, and I think it'd still haunt her. Hm, yeah I think the idea is good.

  • Yeah...guess that would be cool, but i'd rather remember Lee as he was, not what hes become.

  • It would bring us tears of joy...then tears of pain later...\

    But still, I'm anticipating a dream/hallucination scene where Clem would meet Lee

  • I think this would be a good option:

    What if Lee is gonna back in Celemtine's dream for a few minutes: Hi, sweetpee! How are you feeling? If i'm stilla alive, i will protect you, do you know, right? I missed you so much. I hope you found good people, who take care of you. I saw you with Luke on the bridge. You're wasso badass! You see? You can do anything. I think Luke is a good guy, you can trust him. he saved your life, this thing you can't never forget. And you saw Kenny is back. I'm so happy. I blame for myself for her death, but not anymore. You can trust him too. So Clem your mission: Luke and Kenny become the best friend. You can like both of two guys. This is not so easy, but you're so smart, you can do that. And you can beat Carver with your strong group. If these two men stand behind your back. You must win this war, Clem! Now i must go.. I'm very happy now, because i see you. Goodbye sweet pea!

    And Clem waking up. I can do that! If Lee say that, then i can do anything, i'm pretty badass, Go fuck yourself Carver! Let's take 'em!

    Sorry for my bad english, i never learned english.

  • I actually hope that happens. It'd be so sad but it could work out really well :) Make it happen telltale!

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    keylimepie BANNED

    Why do people want this? It would be laughable and awkward. If you want to feel sad about Lee and everything that happened, then go replay season one.

  • I still feel a nightmare where Lee scolds her etc etc would be much less cliche and much more powerful/meaningful.

  • I brought up something similar on Markd4547 create a story thread. If you want any extra ideas, feel free to check out mine.

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