• Yes, Bigby's true form would be awesome. But sadly I don't think that we're going to see it in this season, because of level limitations.

    All the playable scenes, took part in relatively small levels. Such a huge wolf would fill the whole level, which is not practical.

    But then again, while there is Telltale there is hope :)

  • I also hope they finally reveal the frickin killer! :)

  • it hasn't been overdone but it would pretty much be a direct copy of the walking dead season 1 but with wolf among us characters, someone goes missing main character has to find her, main enemy is revealed epic fight in the end and all that stuff. i have no doubt the season finale is going to be amazing but this would not be the way to go with the wolf among us

  • Hopefully if there's a season 2 we'll see full wolf Bigby on telltales new engine

  • I'd be more inclined to think they'll reveal the killer but leave CM identity still hidden, thinking there is more into CM organization. In finding the truth about CM would make SW solidify herself as Crane's successor rather than Bluebeard.

  • But there's an achievement for Episode 5 called "The North Wind Blows", so hopefully we'll at least see Bigby use his breath powers he inherited from his father.

  • ur idea is pretty good, mine was like more of a twist like in CRY WOLF Bigby finds that he was the killer all along, but I know that wont happen, the cover just gave me this crazy idea that's all.

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