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"Out from Boneville" / "The Great Cow Race" soundtrack CD covers

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Since Telltale was nice enough to offer Jared Emerson-Johnson's beautiful soundtrack to the two Bone games as free downloads on their page, I've decided to create covers to go with the soundtracks, and for everybody to print out. Hope you like them!

Out from Boneville:



The Great Cow Race:



And here you can download the covers at full resolution (300dpi):

Bone: Out from Boneville - Soundtrack CD Covers
Bone: The Great Cow Race - Soundtrack CD Covers
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    Ehy, these things are really nice!
    You should donate them to Telltale. They should put them on the website...officially.
    Dom (Italy)
  • Laserschwert is at it again with his 1337 picture editing skillz. Great job! :D
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    These are awesome!

    I opened up the thread and Kevin, Dave, Jake, and Heather all flocked around my desk going, "Those are great! Who made them?" I think that constitutes a stamp of approval. :)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Hey, those are nice! You've got Jared's composers notes in there too even. Awesome.

    He still needs to write those up for the 2nd game....

    (The stuff you're attributing to him on that CD label is in fact stuff I wrote up so people would have some context for the tracks on the soundtrack site -- you'll also notice some of the ones I wrote never appeared for some reason, so not all the tracks are discussed... hmm -- but Jared has a lot more to say than that)
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    Very nice! They really do look like official covers, I doubt Telltale could make them any better than that :)
    Good job, I'm definately going to use these.
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    Well, thanks everybody.

    Yeah, I just used the short track descriptions for "The Great Cow Race" to at least have something on the inside cover. Yet, if Jared is going to write up his thoughts on the second soundtrack as well, I'll put them on the cover instead...
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    Laser you are the man! I still remember that sam and max stuff you did...
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
  • These are awesome, absolutely beautiful!
    Thanks man. (Finally I get some cover art for my CDs;) )
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    Laser you are the man! I still remember that sam and max stuff you did...

    He did the Sam and Max TV show DVD cover?

    That dvd sleeve is amazing. It inspired me to burn the episodes just so I could use that cover.
    Now I'm inspired to do the same with these

    Tell tale needs to employ this guy do do their artwork for packages. that would be awesome.
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