carlos or sarah? episode 3,4,5 theories

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carlos or sarah?
Obviously, one of them will die, no doubt about it.But which one. Knowing trolltale they will kill one and the other living family member will go into depression. Who will die is the question? Here's my theory:
carlos: it would make no sense to kill sarah and make carlos depressed. Carlos aid,"if she found out whats out there she would cease to function." That has to mean something. So, i think carlos will die and sarah will have to learn from clementine how survive like how le taught clementine there will be many lee refrences. Sarah and clem will be the last survivors. There will be more disadvantages t carlos dying than sarah dying. Carlos is a doctor there's a huge disadvantage, he wont be able to protect sarah. etc...
who do you think will die?


  • I think they're gonna both die around the same time

  • I think that they are going to die, but not at the same time.

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    I think they're gonna both die around the same time

  • It would be going over old ground if they killed sarah and left carlos alive imo

  • I think Carlos will die, and Sarah will commit suicide later on. Dark, I know, but Carlos DID say she would cease to function. Whether he's over-reacting or is actually right, I think he will die later on.

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