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Where the hell is Ep3?

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I usually remain quiet. I paid money to play all three eps in a timely manner. I'm not running a fucking charity here. I paid for the game, I want it to come out! this is bullshit, we sit here and wait, and pray that they give us a screen shot?

Why not just ask me to grab my ankles while Tell Tale takes it to me from behind. Some of you are so pathetic reading "OMG we MAY get information in 3 weeks?" big fucking deall..we MAY? we're the fucking customers, give us our product and we'll go to someone who can.

Common reply: their working on other games

that's THEIR problem, not mine.

  • Would you rather a game that takes longer to make but is better quality, or one that's quick to release and is awful e.g. Survival instinct. They make each episode individually, and I'd rather wait two months for a good episode then one month for a shit one.

    • Oh yeah more time equals a better game..obviously you never played Wolf Among Us, Ep2. Waited four months for that pile of crap. So you were saying about more times equals a

      • I did play it actually, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Each to their own though.

        • I got to say, for an episode that took almost 5 month to make Smoke and Mirrors feels kinda rushed and really short. I mean seriously 4 and a half month for an 1 hour and half gameplay with little to no exploration is really disappointing.

      • There were extenuating circumstances with that episode. That was made clear. So it's pathetic to use that as an example. What you should be using as an example is episode 2 of the twd.... was that a good episode? Most say yes.

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    As long as you didn't pirate the game, I agree with you. But we already know that they don't care about the customers, so don't expect anything from them.

  • We May get it in May. Heh get it

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    One discussion created chances of troll 99%

  • Dude as you said you paid for it knowing you'd have to wait for each episode it's barely been a month what do you expect

  • They're making The Wolf Among Us too. They shift between one episode The Walking dead this month, then the next month a new The Wolf Among Us, then next The Walking Dead.

    If they don't work on The Wolf Among Us, those people complain, and if they don't work on The Walking dead, those complain too. So frankly, you won't find common ground here by complaining. You should try The Wolf Among Us, it's a good game and it plays in a similar way to The Walking Dead, except more badass. And if not, then that's your problem, not theirs. Your hissy fits won't help the episode come out any faster, so instead of waiting around for the next episode being angry about it, try playing about a few hundred games that exist out there instead. Thank you and good day.

  • Double post, sorry.

  • Sorry for spelling English is not my first langue
    Boys they care about the customers or they won't sell one game and yeah Telltale let us wait long for a Episode and yes they must show us but one screenshot shows spoilers for them and they don't want you to get know what will happen... And can somebody please explain me about those next time scenes because almost everything they show is very difrent

  • If it's their problem and not yours, then why are you complaining about it?

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