Did i miss something?

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At the end of Episode 3, Dum and Dee are just blasting the hell out of Bigby with their shotguns and then all of a sudden the woman (Bloody Mary was it?) just shoots him once and he goes down?? Sorry have I missed something? Was there a weakness to Bigby's reason for collapsing? Please explain, thank you!


  • There's a speech she gives when carrying Woody's axe (I missed it the first time too. I was too busy mashing the same button yelling at him to get up. lol) Anyway, she says how SILVER bullets are hard to come by but they work pretty well on Bigby. So she used a silver bullet while the Tweedles were using regular bullets.
    I know they mention his weakness in the comics as well. :)

  • Thanks for clearing that up!! :)

  • I didn't miss that speech since i was shocked by that fuckin detonation. I hate that bitch....(and i love her character)

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    As she's bringing out Woody's axe, she talks about how she wouldn't think silver bullets would work on anything but a "pure" werewolf(as in the comics, he was infected with lycanthropy from a knife so he could have a human form), but that this wasn't the case, hence why Bigby fell down.

  • She shot him with a silver bullet

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