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Can't download Episode 3! :(

posted by evr0-89 on - last edited - Viewed by 191 users

When I start the game it gives me the notification that ep. 3 is available, however, I can't download it.
Going to the Episodes menu tells me the following: Season Pass: Owned, EP. 1: Installed, EP. 2: Installed, EP. 3-5: Coming Soon
So, what do I do to tell my game that it's not coming soon but is already out?
Please help!

Edit: This is on PS3, Germany

  • Have you checked the PS store? This happened for me but then I realized I had to download it on the store, not in the actual game.

  • I had originally tried that, only searching for "Wolf Among Us" and only the Season Pass showed up, with no way to download any episodes. Just tried a few other searches again, and finally, only entering "Episode 3" gave me the chance to select TWAU episode 3 to download. I'm assuming somebody didn't decide to make this unneccessarily difficult and it was just some kind of.... weird searching thing or whatever, happening on the PS store.
    Anyway, got it now, thanks ;)

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