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Do I need to play the other Borderland games before this one?

posted by paultheuglydog on - Viewed by 10.5K users

Just wondering

  • I really hope not. I don't think you do, but it would would be a deal breaker for me as I haven't played the others either.

  • Nah, I don't think so.

    TT already did a good job on pleasing both comics and "casual" fans on TWAU, so I guess the same will happen with Borderlands. Although it would be very nice to play the games, principally to get used to the universe and characters.

  • I myself am not a action gamer, and I wouldn't have believed it if somebody told me that I would love a chaotic free-for-all fps with Diablo-like random weapon drops. I will say that the picture you get of the world from the Telltale trailer is very different from what you get in the original games. And the games are full of various lore, so that I'm glad I took the time to track down and play them (actually, in fact, I got them from Steam during their holiday sales.)

  • Well, Borderland ones have most basic a story: You Hero, Go Find The Vault of Goodies.

    And Borderlands twos plot is more or less the same, but there's Jack.

    So there would not be much to know.

  • I think you should, just so you disappoint yourself right now and not when you play Tales from the Borderlands.

  • You don't really have to but if you want to explore the world and lore it might be a good idea to give them a chance.
  • Play the Borderlands games you wont regret it.Also you'll understand the Borerlands universe
  • Nope, you probably don't need to. But it would be nice because of the characters, most of them are really good.
  • The first game? No. But the second game has the right mix of narrative and gameplay.
  • I dont think you will. I'm a huge Borderlands fan and if you have any interest in playing, play Borderlands 2. You can skip 1. I think they were great, but after playing the second, i struggle going back to the first. I can't wait for this though
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