Is Luke the worst friend?

Yes he is. He treats Nick like a kid and acts all superior to him. Nick needs moral support and Luke doesn't give him any. Luke was even giving Nick shit about telling Walter the truth. What a horrible friend.



  • Did you see me talking about this on the TWD Confessions thread? Because I feel the same way. He kind of reminds me of people in my life who've patronized me and put me down and tried to hide things from me when I'm struggling because they thought I was "acting childish" or "couldn't handle it", which isn't at all true and only serves to make you feel worse.

    I don't think he means to be that way because he clearly does care about Nick. But he's just... really not good at being an emotionally supportive friend to him.

  • Luke's complete garbage. Nick needs better friends.

  • It's hard, because they knew each other before the apocalypse and probably rely on each other a lot for just that semblance of the old life and the way things used to be. Nick is clearly aware of what Luke thinks of him and it makes him feel terrible but he still wouldn't want to lose Luke as a friend because (what Luke doesn't seem to realize judging by his comment about Uncle Pete being Nick's last anchor) Luke is really the last thing he has.

    It's kind of sad. It's really obvious that Nick puts a lot more value on Luke than Luke does him.

  • You know that friend you have who's always screwing things up and pissing everybody off and getting you into all of this trouble with everyone else around you? That's Nick. Luke is trying his best to look out for Nick. He's trying to keep him from doing stupid shit and covering for his mistakes and that kind of dynamic ends up being kind of paternal after a little while. He's not a bad friend. It's just hard to be friends with a screw-up.

  • It's horrible that Luke treats Nick like crap.

  • Nick's only a screw-up because Luke is never there for emotional support.

  • Jesus I am so sick of people calling Nick a screw up.

  • Nick's mistakes aren't Luke's fault but he definitely exacerbates them by either grossly underestimating or putting unnecessary pressure on Nick.

  • I don't think so. In his defense, Nick telling Walter the truth really was a horrible idea, because they didn't need more people after them. If Walter didn't suspect (which Luke didn't think he did), how would that conversation go?

    "Oh hey Walter we killed your boyfriend on the bridge thanks for everything see ya."

    And Luke does give him moral support the whole time. The reason he doesn't want to tell Nick is to protect him and make him not feel any worse about his actions.

  • Even though this doesn't excuse Luke's behavior toward Nick. I kind of agree that Nick is sort of a screw-up (not as bad as Ben and not that it's his fault). He almost shoots Clementine and shoots Matthew. He's only a screw-up with a gun because of that itchy trigger finger but other than that he's not that bad.

  • Based on what Pete said, that's patently untrue. Besides, how can you blame Nick almost shooting Clem in the face on a "lack of emotional support"? Or him rushing over and Matthew when Luke specifically told him not to? If you're going to use Luke's supposed lack of emotional support to excuse every bad decision Nick makes, you're patronizing him far worse than Luke is.

  • Luke treats Nick like a kid. Always bossing him around.

  • Still Luke is a bad friend for not being there for Nick when Nick is down in the dumps.

  • Fuck off man, You are a blind Kenny fan.

  • Not being there?

    You mean like that time he expresses concerns to Pete about taking Clem in because he was worried about Nick was going to feel?And those concerns ended up being completely validated by Nick's actions? Or when he tries to persuade Clem to give Nick another chance if she refuses to forgive him? Or when he comforts Nick and gives him a hug after Pete died? Or when Nick expresses regret for killing Matthew at dinner and Luke consoles him and tell him not to think about it?

    Luke is there for Nick all the goddamn time.

  • Something tells me that you only hate Luke this much because Kenny doesn't like him.

  • He treats Nick like a kid and acts all superior to him.

    That's a bit of a stretch. He just wants him to be safe, in his own way. One of the things that come to mind is when he tells him to stay with the group while him and Clem go scouting the bridge. The way I see it, is that after Nick learned what happened to Pete, Luke thought he might screw up in some way. And I can't recall an instance where Luke acted superior to him.

    Luke was even giving Nick shit about telling Walter the truth

    Again, in my opinion, I think he just wanted to protect him. I mean, you don't really tell someone you've just met your friend shot his lover. Especially in the zombie apocalypse. There was simply no way of knowing how Walter would've reacted, and I think it's a safe bet to say that if Clem wasn't there, he would've shot Nick without a second thought.

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    Luke was there for Nick when Pete was discovered dead. Yes, he's hard on Nick, but judging from all Nick's done (shooting Matthew off a bridge, nearly shooting Clementine, etc.) he needs someone to help lead him down the right path, especially since Pete died.

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    Luke still takes Nick wanting to die lightly. He lies to Nick and keeps secrets from him. He calls him a kid and acts all superior to him. He bosses Nick around like "stay here with the group" and "don't tell Walter" which is sickening. Nick is an adult not a kid so Luke should treat him like one. Luke doesn't give him emotional support when Nick is depressed which is dangerous.

  • A certain someone I know won't be happy when they see this thread :P

  • Nope he's just horrible to his friends.

  • You mean that Lexi chick?

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    ....I wouldn't exactly expect you admit it, even if you were :p

  • Shh!

    Do not aggravate her, she will track you down and kill you

  • Yeah, she posts in any thread that has "Luke" in it, lol. You'll see.

  • I could go on commenting didn't have to create a new thread, you could have just commented on your "Am I the only one" thread, it’s still alive you know. :D

  • Lol, another Luke hate thread by the MustacheKing.

    I don't like Luke either, but that is just my personal opinion. Stop this useles hate threads and let it go man. We all know that Kenny is obviously the better character.

  • How did he take it lightly? He just remarked that it wasn't the first time Nick has been like that. What do you expect Luke to do? Put him on permanent suicide watch? Take away his gun? Have someone watching him 24/7?

    If Nick had stayed with the group, Matthew wouldn't have gotten shot. Luke knows that Nick is trigger-happy and now he's depressed. Taking a depressed, trigger-happy person on a mission that requires steadiness is dangerous for everyone involved. That was evident by what happened with Matthew.

    Luke had no idea who Walter was. For all he knew, he could be someone like Kenny who would immediately lash out and kill anyone who hurt his loved ones. It was the same reason why Lee told Ben not to tell Kenny that he was the one who stole the supplies. If Walter had been more like Kenny, Nick would've been knifed as soon as he spoke up.

    Nick may be an adult but he acts like a kid most of the time. He's hot-headed and impulsive and does what he feels without considering the consequences of his actions. There's only so much you can do for someone like that.

  • Kenny dislikes Nick more than Luke and I like Nick.

  • Luke probably opened Clem's backpack and directed Walter to look in it before telling Nick to deny everything.

    This is because Luke's an insane psychopath.

  • Screw up? Well... He sort of is.maybe not a big one, not one on part with Ben... but I still feel safe calling him a screw up.

  • Haha. This threads point is pretty idiotic.

  • You've basically created a Luke hate thread. You keep on ignoring what people tell you and make some other statement to counter them (based on what I observed)

  • It's just silly. There's hardly any basis for it. And when a person offers a valid response to your ludicrous statements you ignore them and implant yet more ludicrous statements. This entire thread serves no point other than for you to say you dislike Luke, which is fine, but why waste our time with such a frivolous thing and more so don't degrade your thread even more by responding to valid responses with more loose based drivel. Sorry but, this thread is pretty idiotic.

  • It's true. Nick needs emotional support since he's in a fragile state and Luke doesn't give him any.

  • He literally did call him a "kid" though...

  • Everybody needs emotional support! They're all seen people ripped apart, they've all shot and killed people, they're all seen loved ones dead. Nick needs special treatment, at such an important, pivotal, and pressured point why? Because you like him? There's important stuff that needs done, things more prudent than making a screw up feel better about being a screw up (sorry for bashing on Nick, I love him, but he is a screw up).

    Luke isn't a bad friend for not sitting down and letting Nick bitch-cry on his shoulder, if anything he is a great friend for the outstanding number of things he has done for Nick. Worst friend? Hardly :p

    But or course, respond to this with such simple a post as "But he didn't give him emotional support," like you've done with the others.

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