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[TWAU Season 2] Impossible?

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No offense but is it not a little to hard to continue the story after that case?

Since it's a prequel and they're bringing the storyline to the one in the comics, i don't really think it's possible...

Well it's just a thought, Telltale could surprise everybody with an incredible new arc who knows?

  • I heard TWAU takes place roughly 20 years before the events of the comics. TWAU seems to take place over the course of a few days, so that would leave plenty of room for more seasons.

  • I didn't know that ! Well sir you made my day !

    • You might want to know the Fables comic will end in early 2015. Leaving room for Telltale to explore other things, such as the game not being a necessarily a prequel. And the Fables universe has a lot of variety in it. I mean, the way I see it, Telltale could even make a game with another protagonist in it(Very unlikely but it's still thought provoking) Cinderella is the first thing that comes to mind.

  • I personally wanna see a Season 2 starring Cinderella

    • There is nothing interesting enough about Cinderella to make her a lead character. She is just another chick that Charming put the wood to.

      • erm, wtf are you talking about? I think 25 James Bond movies would disagree with you.

        Have you even read Fables? Try the spinoffs "From Fabletown with Love" and "Fables are Forever". If she isn't Grade A protagonist material I don't know who is. Bigby is still her boss so he can still be a major character.

        • Why are you bringing up James Bond?

          Yeah, I have...and the spinoffs are weak as hell. You're entitled to a different opinion, but in mine they are lackluster and nowhere near as entertaining. There are at least 10 fables I would rather play through a "season" as.

          Don't get me wrong. I would love to see her as a major character in Season 2, but a lead? No way in hell.

          • What do you mean why bringing up James Bond? Cindy is the best secret agent in the world. I'd say a spy story is a good follow up to a detective story

            • Okay, I respect that you changed your comment, but you initially said something like "Do you even know who Cindy is" or w/e. Look you need to stop with the "Have you even read/Do you even know" crap. Just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean I am not as informed as you.

              Those characters are leagues apart....

              James Bond: All time great fictional character with tons of books and movies. Considered to be the best spy/agent in his world by people who know of him.

              "Cindy": A side character from a not so well known comic, who was the main character in a couple of even lesser know comics. Calls HERSELF the best spy on the planet. (lmao, I mean wtf? Who gives themselves a title like that?)

              • Also the game is called The WOLF Among Us so i don't see how Cindy could be the protagonist of a game called that. I think Bigby will and should be the protagonist of all the seasons they do of this game.

      • If she can lead a comic, she can lead a game.

        • Nope, sorry. There have been tons of mediocre characters who have held their own comics/mini series.

          • Well, you think she's mediocre but other fans might not.

            • Which is fine, but TTG knows that a lot less people are going to pay to play as Cinderella. That's a huge step down from being the Big Bad Wolf. Remember it's about money at the end of the day, not fan service.

              Again, I am not saying Cindy isn't a cool character. She just works better as a side character for me. That's just my opinion.

              • You mean guys? You might be surprised and I trust TT to tell a compelling story and make the game fun enough to appeal to anyone. Theres lots of characters that I would love to see head a new season, just so long as there IS a new season.

                • Where did I say anything about guys? Why are you trying to turn into a male vs female thing? Get off the soapbox.

                  • I've seen this exact same type of scenario many a time on this forum, and have been in it myself on occasion. As for the gender of a character having anything to do with interest level, I tend to disagree. Probably a majority of TWDG players are male, and I haven't seen many complaints about playing as Clem. I personally don't care what gender the protagonist is so long as the story is interesting and makes sense. As for the rest of KCohere's post, I agree. Telltale could probably pull it off and make it interesting. That is not to say I think it'd be a step up, I just think they could do it.

                    • I am right there with you on not caring about gender. My point is just that Cindy isn't all that interesting. Clem had more character development in one season of TWD then Cindy has had in Fables and her "spin-offs".

                  • I'm asking if that is what you mean since you say a lot less people would play it. Most gamers are guys so I took that to mean that you think most males wouldn't want to play as "Cinderella". If thats not what you were saying, please let me know. With Clem, she was already an established and beloved character so a lot of fans were more open to playing as her. I'm not on any soapbox, I'm just going by what you seem to have implied but if that's not the case, again, let me know why you think most people wouldn't want to play as Cindy.

                    • Your response to my comment was the equivalent of this...

                      Prince_Charming: "Really tired of the high crime rate in my area."

                      KCohere: "You mean black people? You might be surprised, but white people commit crimes too."

                      It's that level of "wtf". You just made a ridiculous assumption because you wanted to get on some sort of moral high ground. I've already explained why I think Cindy wouldn't work and as i said, it's just my opinion. You aren't obligated to agree with it.

                      Fans wanted to play as Clem because she is a solid character that goes through actual development. Cindy is just one note in my opinion.

                      • If season 2 were just after season 1, that is if there is a season 2, Cinderella is the best option for Major Character. Season 1: tear down a criminal empire, Season 2: Find Crane. You should know what I'm talking about.

                        • Enough of Crane already. That loose end gets taken care of in the comics. (as you hinted at)

                          You really just proved my point. The best plot idea you had for Cindy as a lead character was finding Ichabod. Excuse me, but haven't we already been doing that? Do we really need another season where we track him down again? I certainly don't think so, but hey maybe you disagree and that's cool.

                          • I just gave the continuation example. There are more. What don't you like? Repetitiveness? Thorough searching? Those are the only ones I can see, both of which don't always happen.

                      • I think that comparison is more than a little off base. I did make an assumption based on your comment that most people would not want to play as Cindy. Since that is a big assumption itself, I asked for clarification and I didnt get it, just you being defensive. I wasnt trying to offend in any way and I certainly wasnt trying to be on any moral high ground. I was actually hoping for some understanding of what you meant, but I guess we can leave it at that.

                        • I think I guessed correctly, since he ain't responding. Still don't know which one it is though.

                        • He already made his point a few times. He doesn't think switching from the notorious Big Bad Wolf to a character that is vastly less important and not even currently included in the game is a good idea. No need for moral high-grounds or boxes of soap. I hope this clarifies for you.

                          • I already made my points also so thanks for chiming in after we already ended our discussion.

                            • I chimed in during the discussion last night, if you recall, so it isn't like I found a dead topic and decided to randomly join in. It didn't seem like the discussion ended with clarity, rather it looked to me that it ended abruptly after you specifically stating, "I asked for clarification and I didnt get it, just you being defensive." Therefore I decided to clarify for you and end the discussion for real. You're welcome, by the way.

      • Nothing yet. TTG has good writers and lots of source material, you know.

  • I haven't read the comics (yet) but i see his point: if the character hasn't a strong "history" or charisma, it will be more difficult to put in the lead thing especially if there're others characters more interesting to hand. (sorry if i'm not clear enought, i'm not an english speaker)

    • Your English is fine.

      I feel that some of the "hardcore" fans are just overrating how popular she is.

      Hardcore Fans: "But she was in a 6 issue mini-series called From Fabletown with Love, and another called Fables are Forever!!! (Titles that are just as unoriginal as the content of the books themselves)

      Yeah...and they weren't even written by Bill Willingham (Fables Author). Which is why they are so mediocre. Not even "Cindy's" creator cared enough to write her solo books. So why should TTG base a game around her? XD

  • Any of the "tourists" would be interesting protagonists since they interact with other Fables all over the world. Mowgli himself isn't very interesting, but he has some cool skills and an awesome job.

    Personally though, I'd vote for a Jack of Fables game. He's a bastard, but he's so much fun to read about. And his adventures in and out of Fabletown would translate well into a game.

    • I wish I could give you more likes man. Focusing on the tourists would be an AWESOME route for the game to take, especially considering how telltale could pretty much take it in any direction they want since we know every little about what the tourists did early in the comics.

      I think Mowgli would be a very good alternative to Bigby, though. He was raised by wolves, for one thing, and he's also a pretty excellent spy. Heck, he is the only one who has been able to track down Bigby when Bigby did his best not to be found. His ties to Sinbad and Aladdin could also be part of his story.

      Jack would be an excellent option as well. He's one of the most unique fables in the things that he does (even though he mainly just gets in trouble all the time). There's a lot telltale could do with him.

    • Jack had a spin off comic for awhile where he goes to california or something. It wasn't very good, from what i remember.

      As most people who read the comics would probably agree, Flycatcher is the best character in all of the Fables world. (though i think his appearance in TWAU is kinda lame) Fans of fables would go nuts over a game with him as the main character.

      • I thought about Flycatcher too (although I disagree about his appearance in the game being lame. I thought it showed very well what a sweet-natured, trusting person he is) but his story arc was already completely told in The Good Prince.

        • I thought it was kinda lame because he cleans the woodland building in the comic, not so much where ever the tweedles office was. It felt like to me that he was just thrown into the story when he really had no place in it. Even the explaination he gave to Bigby seemed kind of forced just to give him a reason to be in the game.

          But I think you could wrangle a 5 episode spinoff about something with him and haven. Id bet fans of the comics would go nuts for that.

          • Well, he does live in The Woodlands and is always there, so they would have to introduce him eventually. We'll have to agree to disagree on that because I really enjoyed seeing him. As for Haven, it's at peace and it's pretty much unconquerable. There's no one left to try to fight them either. That's why I think that story is done.

      • "Jack of Fables" was a great comic series.

  • I dont think they're doing a season two. I think TTG rewrote the story between episode 1 & 2 in order to end it this season. My gut feeling is that they bit off more than what they can chew with all of their other games in the works and just want to dump this IP. You can tell even that even in the finished games. They're kinda directionless and feel phoned in.

    • I really hope not. Right now TWD and TWAU are two of Telltale's most popular games, and they're both great. TWAU has lots of great characters (which, if there is a season two, hopefully we'll see more of. I vote Collin as Bigby's sidekick), awesome style and animation, and the fight scenes are ALWAYS fun. Not to mention, everybody likes a good ole detective game once in a while, and playing as The Big Bad wolf is preeeetty badass. It's possible that Telltale just changed the story to add new original characters that weren't in the comics. We've been getting hints about the Crooked Man for a while, but Bloody Mary and Aunty Greenleaf turned up a bit unexpected. And there's a lot they could do in Season Two as well, including a lot of the Fables currently in Europe. I'd love to seeThe Farm, King Cole, Cinderella, that Prince Charming jerk, and I'd love some more original characters. There are a lot of options for a potential Season 2, and it would make a lot of the fans happy.

      • Yes, the art direction and design in TWAU is amazing. But as far as the game goes you're kinda shepherded off to point to point in this series much more haphazardly than with TWD. The story has obviously been re-written on the fly, and it seems directionless. Im not bashing the games completely. They're ok. But TBH if i didn't have a season pass i probably wouldn't be completing the season. Its just lost my interest. Im just playing the games now because ive paid for them, already.

        You can tell in the gameplay that the last two episodes were rushed through production. But Telltales customary bugs and glitches have been less of an issue, ironically. So combined with the re-write, those are the main reasons why i doubt TTG is going to do a season 2.

        • Well, there could also be the possibility that this story is finished off in another season. I mean, that's usually not Telltale's style, but it is pretty common in mystery series. And for all we new they could've just wanted a different storyline. Yeah, the Mundie cop following Bigby would've been pretty interesting. In the season 3 trailer though, it also shows Bigby holding Crane over the Witching Well, asking him what he did. I personally like this direction better, because it wasn't really believable that Crane could be a murderer. And with games like this that are more story, sometimes even the developers are unsure of what direction it's going to take.

          • I don't know if you heard guys but TT rewrote the storyline probably because someone on this forum solved Ginger Guy/ Boy who Cried wolf, plot twist. He guessed that this guy is guilty, and he probably was right cause after that Telltale changed storyline. Telltale makes their games basing a bit on fan community. So as you see I don't think this is a reason why they wouldn't make it. If TWAU will be popular enough I guess they will make it. Consider fact that after succes of these games (TWAU, TWD s2, Borderlands, etc.) they will earn pretty much money so they studio could grow bigger. And, TWAY taking place 20 years before comic gives them room for many more seasons, cause it only lasts a few days. Comic itself is ending in early 2015, or so, so even the continuation of it is pretty good idea for next season.

  • I think we can all agree The Big Bad Wolf is a suitable main protagonist for a game called "The Wolf Among Us"

  • Perhaps the second season can be called something else and maybe we can follow another char. Still thoug i hope that they will try a full release once.

    • No, it wouldn't be good practice to change the name of the game. It'd be too confusing for people that would just be getting into the series and don't really know if it's a second season or not. And even if Bigby is still the main character, I would LOVE to see some more characters mean a little bit more to the series, like

      Collin (because he's freaking Collin)
      Holly (I don't know why I like Holly and Gren so much, I just kinda do.
      Cinderella (if Cindy isn't the main character like some people won't her to be, I would still love to meet her)
      Prince Charming (dude sounds like a Jerk, I wanna see Bigby beat the shit out of him.
      Bloody Mary (I'd say she's a definite, but I feel like depending how the rest of this season goes she'll either die or run away or something)
      Jack (Aaaaaaah, Jack. I love Jack. I know he's an asshole, but he's a hysterical asshole.)

      And there are lot's more I wanna see, so THERE BETTER BE A SEASON TWO. I would personally still like Bigby to be the main character again, because I really like the extremes you can take his personality. But don't forget that we see a lot of the side characters, too. Except for Toad. Toad kinda just went into hiding after Episode Two.

    • If it would have a different title and protagonist, then it wouldn't be called second season of THE WOLF AMONG US.

  • Perhaps they should wait for the comics to finish (issue #150) next February and then decide whether they should do something or not. Having read all the comics however I doubt Snow will survive Fabletown's last adventure . Anyway what am I saying is , that since they are going to make a GoT game and don't have time to spare , it should be better to consider writing a sequel rather than a second prequel , so they can work with characters with much more freedom .

    However I must add that when I went from the game to the comics , I expected to see a detective like series with Bigby starring as the "Sheriff" with extreme realism while still containing a magical world . This illusion faded shortly before the war with Empire began and Bigby and Snow became second fated in the comics which made me rather sad . Generally speaking , allthough I found the comics well written,realistic and fun , I was annoyed by their abudance of POVs and fillers in a monthly 22-page comicbook . If season 2 was to be a sequel to the comic it would be enormously different that the first season .

  • Actually, i'll have you know, Fables finishes in 2014 or so, i think, and TWAU is happening about 20 years before the beginning of Fables, and it currently spanned on 2 days. Personally, I WOULD KILL FOR SEASON 2. Well, not really, but, y'know. It would be quite easy to continue a story from the ending of this season, the ending of the murder. Think of the many opportunities! I mean, all Bigby does is not limited by solving crimes. Is it? I don;t think so. Because Fables is not really about that. This being a prequel, we could explore the history of characters, maybe we could go through some of Bigby's war memories, maybe we could play spy, maybe we could... I DON'T KNOW! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! And i am certain that so is the imagination of the Telltale dude. Endless. So, yeah, i am pretty sure there WILL be a season 2. Even though the fans here are not as active as in the TWD section, TWAU actually got mostly positive reviews, and that, plus what i said up there, plus the many fans, should technically result in a season 2! Yay!

    Now let's not burst everyone's bubble. This is my opinion, but whatever.

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