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"Eye of Storm" *achievement*

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So I cant put a picture but for those of you who HAVE seen the picture of the achievement "Eye of Storm", doesnt it seem like Sarah's glasses? Sure they arent the same color, but in another achievement, the color of Clem's shirt was kinda oragne so color doesn't really matter. Anyways so those glasses in the pic are also the same shape and form as Sarah's and....THEY ARE CRACKED! AND BROKEN! This could only mean something terrible to Sarah.

  • im pretty sure they are the same reddish color

  • I believe Sarah may be involved in a struggle, and the glasses fall off in the process. We may finally see how the effect of choosing or not choosing to show Sarah how to use a gun in episode 2 comes into play, and whether or not it'll have a positive or negative outcome.

  • Gahh I hope nothing bad happens to her. But, I can see where all your "friendship" stuff might come into play next episode. All I know, is i'm saving her if I can.

  • Already made a post about this but I don't think she will make it out of Ep 3

  • How can you see their picture? I'm on Steam and I got a padlock.

  • I'm 99 percent sure they belong to Sarah. Sarah's glasses are red and have the same curvature.

    Alt text

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    Also, I think Sarah's going to be missing an eye. The achievement icon for Not in Nottingham shows an eyeball reflecting a silhouette of a person with some sort of pick in their hand. (screwdriver?) In the icon for Eye of Storm, one half of the glasses is cracked, and the other one seems to be missing the lens completely. Also note how the title is "Eye of Storm" not "Eye of the Storm"

    • So, now she's going to be a meek, naive, immature, asthmatic teenager with poor vision and no depth perception? Might as well just tape an "Eat me" sign on her back.

    • I believe that the achievement is not meant to be taken in a literal sense. You see, "eye of the storm" is an idiom that figuratively means that there is a temporary peaceful time amidst more trouble and strife yet to come. This is just my opinion though.

      • This is not a bad theory at all. Best one I heard about this achievement.

      • I respect your opinion, but as much as I'd like to believe it, the icon for the achievement and the connotations to Sarah losing an eye are too much of a coincidence for me to overlook. The "eye of the storm" idiom may come in to play, however.

        • What I've learned about Telltale overtime is that they lack predictability. They're also experts at deceiving us. The last thing Telltale would ever do is spoil a fairly popular character's death in a achievement. You really think that Telltale would take the foreseeable route? Sarah loses her eye or dies, not much of a surprise since they "spoiled" it for us in the achievement two to three weeks before the game even comes out. Telltale has had a history in deluding us in the past, what makes this situation any different? Again, this is just my opinion and if you disagree with it then it's perfectly okay.

    • We'll it says got beaten down in not in Nottingham icon. So it was probably Clementinr in a fight. Hopefully it's not Literal and especially hoping it's not Clementines eye.

    • 'Eye of Storm' because the 'Storm' is Sarah herself and everyone who theorized she'd have a psychotic break will be right on the money. And Luke was worried about Carlos. :-P

      • Interesting. Maybe the glasses breaking could be metaphorical? Like as in a change of character? She might not go psychotic, but I could realistically see her losing her naivety, especially after witnessing Carver torture Carlos.

        Some people have theorized that her red glasses are a sort of visual pun on the idiom "rose-colored glasses" Sarah sees the world from an idealized point of view. Her "rose-colored glasses" breaking could symbolize her becoming more mature and finally realizing what the world is really like.

        • Oh wow, that's pretty brilliant. That could be it. Would be pretty funny though if it turns out Sarah could end up even worse off than what people expect for Becca.

  • That's pretty interesting, though the eye of a storm is where things calm down before ramping up again, so it might not mean something fatal. But yes, it will likely involve whether or not you've trained her to shoot.

  • Yeah, what if the decision of teaching her how to shoot determines her fate in Episode 3?

  • Pretty sure I may have ruined the episode for myself by checking all of the achievements AND their descriptions... Why must I do this... I have no self control.

    • Nahhh. At best you have a vague idea of what might happen. For example, we now know something is probably going to happen to Sarah.. but we don't know what that will be. We have no clue if she'll end up dead or still be alive.

      I can agree with not wanting to know any of this information period though. I wasn't planning on reading it either.. but couldn't resist. We'l love the episode all the same though.

      • Yeah but I feel like the one about the potential beat down will now be no surprise to me. If it happens like the achievement vaguely describes it, then let me say, I would have been surprised at that point but I probably won't be now.

        • I guess. Hopefully it won't take anything away from the scene for you though. Obviously we don't know anything about the context, so we don't know when and where it will happen, and to what extent. We know nothing of the consequences either. The actual physical act of getting beaten down may not actually be that important in of itself compared to the events that happen either right before or right after.

          Anyway, I'm thinking we can still get a lot out of the scene even with knowing some very vague details of what will happen. I'm just hoping Clem doesn't lose a fight to Becca..

          • Good point and it better not be losing a fight to Becca, like you said... I can understand Carver but if Clem lost to Becca i'd have to say, that's just unacceptable... Still love Clem though don't get me wrong.

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