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Bigby either has a same shirt fetish, or the best stain remover ever!

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Seriously....what stain remover does he buy? I need me some!

  • Fables have the ability to magically heal. Do you think the same is true for their clothes?...:-)

  • Whatever the product is, clearly it has been endorsed by Bufkin himself, that little genius.

  • Bigby strikes me as the kind of guy who has an entire wardrobe of identical, plain white shirts, because he sees no reason to wear anything else.

  • I know man even 20 years later (twau is set 20 years before the comics) he is still wearing the same shirt he must have a wardrobe full of just white shirts

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    • I'm glad telltale didn't draw him to look like comic bigby :\

      • He changes a lot back and forth throughout the comic. There's even one or two issues where a guest artist draws him as a regular pretty-boy. Mostly though, he's drawn as a robust, muscular, dour-looking, no-nonsense badass in his late forties. And while he's more approachable in the game, I prefer his original self.
        • You and me both. I find his comic version more "I don't take bullshit for an answer" rather than,"I can be a nice guy in some situations and little kids aren't afraid of me the first time they see me." Although the latter is nice, it's not entirely the Bigby I'm used to.
    • It's his uniform. He works all the time though, so it's also his everyday outfit. I wish They had him with his trench coat in the game, that would be cool. He wears it a lot.
  • I prefer it over the trench coat he wears most of the time in the comics.

  • This aspect of Bigby makes him all the more corny.

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    Omid's cat BANNED

    Sheriff of Fabletown. White shirt plus black tie; his work attire. Has full wardrobe of it. Colin is doing laundry.

  • It gets better when the blood stain in ep 3 is on his shoulder in one scene, then the shirt is completely crisp and clean in the next... only for the blood stain to be back the scene after that.

    I suspect Bigby is Superman. Just tears his shirts off one by one, exposing the next one beneath it.

  • I wonder if you opened his closet there would be nothing but that same outfit on every hanger. And I also can't help wonder if his shirts have magic enchants that repair his shirts or makes them reappear on him.

    • It's actually not that much of a stretch. As a figure of authority in Fabletown he could easily have access to that kind of magic, and self-mending, self-cleaning clothes that phase in and out would be pretty damn practical for a werewolf who has to keep a low profile in the middle of New York while still needing to be able to call on his powers at a moment's notice.

      I'd still go with the wardrobe full-of-identical-clothes, though. In the comics, jacket, shirts and pants are all loose enough for him to transform one stage further than he does in Episode 3 of the game without tearing them, although he would pop a few buttons on the shirt if he wasn't careful.
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