There's something fishy about the series

The guy with the red hair shows up in the cab sometimes in episode 1 a lot and in episode 3 sometimes but not in 2. I think he has a major part in the story do you guys?


  • People have been saying he's the boy who cried wolf. So he will have some significance in episode 5

  • Yes, that's true but people also think that it is just a reused model by Telltale. In once scene, there are two of these redheads doing something which suggests that it isn't a person, just a model that they keep using again and again.

  • The dude is always lurking in the weirdest places. It's pretty much a guarantee that he is the primary antagonist. He has a tie with "crooks" all over it. A crook is a hooked staff that shepherds used. The boy who cried wolf is a shepherd. Get it? Crook, Crooked Man.

  • I think he was the original killer, but it was too obvious and was one of the things changed in the rewrite in the 4 months between EP1 and EP2. I think you can safely ignore any "clues" in EP1, I doubt they factor in the investigation anymore as it's a rewritten story now

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