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Who would you be ?

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If there was some kind of zombie apocalypse, what kind of person do you think would you be ?

Would you leave your humanity to be sure to see the sun again, or would you sacrifice yourself to protect those you love ?
What would your weapons ?
What kind of group would you like to have ? Family, friends, strangers , animal, mix ?
What are your strengths and your weaknesses ?
What could give you hope ? Religion, family, friends, dreams, hope, food ?

If possible, could you give some realistic answers ? Not every time, we all need to laugh sometimes.
Simple question while waiting for Episode 3, maybe for the end of season 2 too.

  • I'm not sure. I was doing a mixture but I ended up with like 10 people. But anyway here goes.

    Kenny because I get agitated easily, but I am super loyal if you got my back. I have the quick to anger trait of Larry. Ben because at times I can be a dumb ass or make huge mistakes that I didn't mean to do. Matthew because I'll probably get screwed early. Molly because I have her agility in fights. The socially difference of Doug. Stress, and people probably hate me because at times I can be bitchy like Lilly. And the lack of speech of Troy.

  • I think I'd be like Carley since I'm very analytical like a journalist & know how to handle a gun well enough (hopefully my aptitude in checking for/putting batteries in a radio is a little bit better than hers though) mixed with the mother-hen warmth of a Katjaa or Sarita.

  • Kinda like Nick I guess, maybe more nervous and wary, though I'd be less hesitant to shoot someone. I guess I'd have similar technical skills to Doug.

  • I have a quick temper.
    I do tend to panic.
    And I do tend to be impetuous at times.
    Flaws that I am working to correct.

    I do care for people, and I hate to see people suffer, especially children.
    I remember when that school shooting in Connecticut happened, and I'm not a man who's necessarily given to emotion, but seeing that made me tear up.
    I remember thinking how badly I wanted to help those poor people, especially those little kids, and yet there was nothing I could do.

    And I hate people who prey on others, or who harm others without cause.
    For example, when that man massacred that movie theater in Colorado a couple of years ago, I was shocked, and became extremely angry when I heard later on that he was still alive.
    Even if that man was insane, he still deserves to die for the innocent people he killed, some of whom were children.
    In my opinion, if you've committed cold-blooded murder, or have harmed a child, you've waved your rights as a human being.

    I do not believe in violence against women, children, or the elderly.
    Those actions are detestable to me!

    When a person, especially a friend is in need, I'll jump to help them.
    I am very loyal to my friends and family!

    If someone tries to hurt me, I'll do what I have to to protect myself, though that does not mean I enjoy it.
    I really don't like hurting anyone, nor the thought of doing so.

    I do believe in God, and I do read the bible.

    I try to be civil and courteous to others.
    If someone says something I don't agree with, I respectfully tell them why do not agree.
    And if I know someone is wrong, I will calmly try to reason with them, to help them see where they're at fault.

    All the while, maintaining a healthy caution of strangers.

    I guess I'd be a cross between Kenny and Lee.

  • i would probably be similar to walter in the begining, then turn into more of a kenny

  • Damn, reading all these comments... Most of you are people who could be great survivors.
    Telletale shoud take some inspiration from you all for a Season 3.

  • Definitely a male version of Molly; scouting the area on my own, using churchbells to lure the "geeks" away from places I need to check out, taking down walkers like the fodder they are, helping out people on occasion and using what I've learned through extensive recon to survive. Hopefully I don't get talked into doing sexual favors to keep my sister alive, though... Hilda wouldn't like that.

  • Well my two sayings as of late are as follows; "FUCK SHIT UP!" and "I'll do it later"

    So, mix those two together. "Let's fuck shit up... later. I'm tired."

  • Well, I'm an idealist, I'd probably be the kind of guy that keeps the morale and the hope of the group alive, but I'm also pretty smart. So some mix of hope and intelligence. I'm in shape and I used to do a little free-running before I broke my arm. So, I'd be the group's optimistic scout.

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