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Who would you be ?

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If there was some kind of zombie apocalypse, what kind of person do you think would you be ?

Would you leave your humanity to be sure to see the sun again, or would you sacrifice yourself to protect those you love ?
What would your weapons ?
What kind of group would you like to have ? Family, friends, strangers , animal, mix ?
What are your strengths and your weaknesses ?
What could give you hope ? Religion, family, friends, dreams, hope, food ?

If possible, could you give some realistic answers ? Not every time, we all need to laugh sometimes.
Simple question while waiting for Episode 3, maybe for the end of season 2 too.

  • I'm like Kenny and Lee i think.... Just neutral, but if there is a possible threat that can hurt family or close friends I will deal with it immediately, Like the ''Larry'' situation, I would handle it the same way as Kenny maybe not that cruel but if there's no other way, Shit needs to get done.....

  • Mix of Ben, Doug, and Nick.

    • Probably Becca but male. (people are gonna hate me) She seems kinda like me.
      1.I would've scared Shel to with the zombie noises.
    1. I'd probably call the zombies "Slow ass walkers" like Becca,
    2. I'd probably find a secret exit to go into the woods or something like Becca because I'd get bored.
      My opinion basically changes every day about Becca one day I think she's a psychopath and the next I think she's just a kid trying to act to tough for her age. Probably how I'd handle myself in the apocalypse.
  • A mix of Doug, Luke, Christa, and Walter.

  • I'd probably be a lot like Doug. I'm not strong or fast, I'm smart. That is the real human weapon. There are a lot of creatures in this world that are both stronger and faster then us, yet we're still alive and even thriving all over the world. Using our intelligence, we have risen over lions, wolves, and other deadly predators that already exist.

  • Like Eddie. Grab my friend and search for way to survive and find lots of trouble

  • Like Officer Mitchell.

  • I'd want to be the go to guy for most things, kinda like Lee. I can relate to Lee a bit. Sometimes I get a big temper, but I'm also caring. Maybe even Molly, because I'm pretty fast and would totally be into the "parkour" she does.

  • At least, no-one is going to be a rapist, or something sick like that.

  • I would be a mix of Luke, Nick, Omid and Winston.

    Luke because I am similarly built to him (big, kinda fat) nice to the point of people accusing me of being a pedophile :p

    Nick because I have an extremely short temper and a similar family history (except my dad is better than his), and some good lookin' black hair.

    Omid because I love to joke around and we both like some black women ;)

    And Winston mostly because he has a spear, and my inner Tercio (I have Spanish descent going A LONG WAY back) would demand a kickass spear.

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