Game freezing after locust chase

edited September 2005 in Game Support

The title of the thread is somewhat misleading. After the locust chase, and the cut scene of Fone dropping off the cliff and the locusts buzzing overhead, the game does not so much lock up as begin to go so slowly as to be unplayable.

After waiting over half an hour, the cutscene (which, from garbled sound files, I'm guessing involves the Rat Creatures coming upon a sleeping Fone and realizing that he's not Phoney,) refuses to load. My hard drive continues to be accessed, and the computer becomes slow like its thinking, but the graphics flash between still images with no movement, and strangely rendered blue with the rat creature's torch flame being the only thing visible.

I've done everything I can to the settings to make it run faster (switching off anti-aliasing,) and the first scene and locust chase worked fine. What's going on?
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