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In terms of release, what does the release of the Achivements mean?

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How long was it after the achivements came out for the previous episodes?

  • Achievements for episode 2 came out on February 28th apparently. Actual episode was March 4th.

    That small a window seems unlikely in this case, but one can dream.

  • Well, it means that Telltale are confident enough that nothing big in the story will change before release, which means that they must be fairly near the end of development.

  • I'm kinda in the mood now to throw in some Steam-reladed numbers I was looking up a few days ago, when I was bored while learing for an exam... aced it today :)

    Anyways... Here are the days from first steam-activity to release (, 1st activity meaning something in the size on an eposide was added to steam:

    • TWAU EP2: 1st activity on January 27th, Release February 4th --> 8 days
    • TDW EP2: 1st activity on February 19th, Release Marth 4th --> 13 days
    • TWAU EP3: 1st activity on Marth 21st, Release April 8th --> 18 days
    • TDW EP3: 1st activity on April 13, Release... well on average 12,33 days...
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